Dog Bearding Entlebucher style


I was fast asleep in my bed when one of my humans texted my other human asking if she's heard about dog bearding. I sighed, and turned over. Stoopid question. All dogs have beards don't they? Turns out its the latest internet craze and before I had time to say woof my snout was pressed against my … [Read more...]

Want a Cuppa?


Roo just wanted to share a photo of some pawsome new mugs from my Entlebucher Mountain Dog shop - personally I don't see the point of tea mugs, but my human seems to like them. Fill them up with dog treats though and I'm all ears! *Waggy tail*.     … [Read more...]

What a Pawsome Doggie Birthday Party!


Celebrating their first birthday in style It was my younger siblings' birthday this weekend - and Bella had organised a real dog party with cake and everything. She said she was getting special hats for the birthday girls too, I had no idea what she meant so I just roo'd back an okay - you know … [Read more...]

There will be no bullying on my watch!


My new friend Tazer This is me and my new friend Tazer. He just moved to London all the way from Australia and he lives with his family just a couple of streets away from me. If you've ever wondered how big an Entlebucher Mountain Dog is in relation to a Labrador - here's your answer. He is huge! … [Read more...]