The lost phone


Sometimes, having a pretty Entle face comes in really useful. We went to the vets yesterday to get some new deworming pills and my human's phone slipped out of her pocket onto one of the chairs. She didn't notice it was gone until we were back home, and I told her to call the vets straight away to … [Read more...]


Alfie Entlebucher on Sheepskin

I'm feeling a little under the weather at the moment. My humans thought my eyes had turned quite red and they took me to the vets to get me checked out. The vet took one look at me and called for the nurse assistant immediately. Apparently I had made quite an impression last time when they took the … [Read more...]


band aid

I am of course a fully trained Entlebucher dog but I'm starting to draw the conclusions that my humans are not very good at teaching me the rest of the stuff I need to know when living in a big city. Take lead work for example. My humans told me it would be fine if I walked ahead of them as long as … [Read more...]

Emergency system check…

Alfie first two weeks

I ran an emergency system check late Friday night. My human had taken me out to the garden for the last toilet run of the day when I stumbled and fell over some root or something in one of the flower beds. Because I was running so fast, I tumbled and rolled several times before landing in some soft … [Read more...]

Toothbrush and worms

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Puppy Alfie asleep with toy

Its been quite a hectic week for both me and my humans. I've been trying to teach them to speak dog and although they are incredibly slow to learn it seems we are now finally making some progress. They now know to serve me food promptly after their own meals, all they seem to require in return is … [Read more...]