Trying the Gentle Leader

Me and the gentle leader

I know the humans want me to walk nicely on the lead without pulling. They've tried anti pulling harnesses, different collars and of course about a hundred training methods. Its not that its difficult, I'm just not interested. I mean think about it. I'm a year old, good looking boy in the city. … [Read more...]


band aid

I am of course a fully trained Entlebucher dog but I'm starting to draw the conclusions that my humans are not very good at teaching me the rest of the stuff I need to know when living in a big city. Take lead work for example. My humans told me it would be fine if I walked ahead of them as long as … [Read more...]

Week two in London

DSC_0004 (3)

Its a good thing I have two humans looking after me. I think the strain of trying to keep up with me and my human training regime is starting to wear them out. They have divided night and day into shifts and still they look sleepy most of the time. It must be because they only have two little legs … [Read more...]


DSC_0008 (3)

I think I might be a genius. It is just incredible how quickly I taught my humans to give me treats in return for a plain 'sit' or 'down'! Today, they even gave me cheese for the effort. I reckon if I keep this up, by Christmas they will be giving me the entire turkey if I just do a couple of the … [Read more...]