Been Swimming Again, and Again

Been swimming again, and again!

Rooooo the summer just goes on and on here in San Francisco. I know most humans complain about the weather a lot, but I think the San Franciscan summer is just pawfect. Its the dog days of summer pretty much all throughout the month of September! Not too hot for my mountain dog coat, and lots of … [Read more...]

What’s the best tide for swimming?


Another beautiful summers day and what better way to spend it than going swimming? My humans took me to the Thames and let me off the lead in a new place, where the boats get into the water. The water looked a bit deeper than usual and I though I'd give swimming a miss for once, but then they threw … [Read more...]

Deep end

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Those of you who have been following me on Facebook have probably seen that I've got a new hobby. Its called swimming - or lets be honest its probably more like wading as my paws have been touching the ground the whole time. So far I've chased and retrieved sticks thrown into the river Thames, then … [Read more...]