Snoozing in style


Never miss an opportunity is my motto. The human popped out to the kitchen fetching a cup of tea - plenty of time to jump up on the sofa, cuddle up amongst the pillows and close my eyes for a comfy snooze. My nap didn't last long but boy was it comfy! Battle of the sofa Entlebucher vs. humans … [Read more...]

Not so tough now, are you Mr Big Nose?

No more sofa for Mr Big Nose

I've had a bone to pick with Mr Big Nose for quite some time now. Although the humans' rule is 'no dogs in the sofa', I've seen him glaring down at me from his comfy spot, all cuddled up between my humans every night, pretending to be a pillow. What he didn't know is that while he's been indulging … [Read more...]

The battle of the sofa

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Puppy Alfie

My humans have decided that I'm old and well behaved enough to come into the living room now. Of course I'm taking full advantage of the situation, being a bit poorly and all. Yesterday evening for example, I spotted one of my humans snuggling up in the sofa with a cosy blanket. I was quite happy on … [Read more...]