Hot, hot, hot

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How can it be so hot in April already? My black coat gets heated up in notime and I can only play with one, maybe two dogs before I have to break for a drink and rest in the shade. The mud has dried up as well so there is no real escape. I'm wondering if you can get baseball caps for dogs - if you … [Read more...]

A puppy’s view on crate sizes

photo 2-11

I took my humans to the pet shop on Sunday. Actually it wasn't quite that easy, first I had to spend all morning complaining about my crate, describing in detail how much I hate it because it is too small and how their bed looks so much more comfortable. They weren't listening of course - perhaps I … [Read more...]

Up for a photo challenge?


Last night I had the most amazing idea. I was half asleep on the cow hide in our living room, the humans were watching TV and everything was peaceful. Then, suddenly they changed channels and there it was – a dog on TV! It was a still image of what looked like a really cute staffie bitch, and … [Read more...]

Celebrating a Dog’s Birthday in style

Archie Dog Birthday cake

I went to my very first dog birthday party today. My friend Archie turned 1 and threw his party at the Windmill Cafe in Wimbledon Park. Some of my best friends were invited and I met some new buddies too. We spent some time sniffing each other's butts and wrestling, before getting on to the more … [Read more...]

The size of cows

Alfie Entlebucher at the butchers, scared of cow

As an Entlebucher Mountain dog I'm supposed to be prepared and ready for for cattle herding. I've always thought that sounded really cool, and its the kind of thing I sometimes brag about in the park to the other pups. Most of them have been bred as lapdogs, scent dogs or gun dogs and they are … [Read more...]

Sheep skin and wrestling

Alfie Entlebucher plays with Oscar

I used to be in such a rush to get to the park. After all, for a puppy that's where all the fun happens - mud puddles to explore, dogs to play with and toys to chase. I would do anything to get there faster, and have become somewhat an expert on dragging my humans there quickly. All that is … [Read more...]

Boatrace napping

Putney boat race crowd

Apart from my daily rounds of fetch, I don't see myself as much of a sports dog. I do however love the Thames, and my humans know I get really excited about seeing the rowing boats on the water so they thought I might enjoy watching the Oxford-Cambridge boat race. Said and done, we strolled down to … [Read more...]

Right foot forward

photo 2-6

Every dog needs to work out an acceptable waiting time for their morning walk. That is, how long are you willing to wait from being let out of your crate until you and your human are dressed and ready to leave the house. You can't expect your humans to jump straight from bed and into their shoes, … [Read more...]


Alfie Entlebucher Mountain Dog Puppy washing machine

I never miss an opportunity to help out with the laundry. The only thing better than a new batch of socks roasting on the radiator are socks fresh out of the laundry basket.   - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone   … [Read more...]