Sheep skin and wrestling

Alfie Entlebucher plays with Oscar

I used to be in such a rush to get to the park. After all, for a puppy that's where all the fun happens - mud puddles to explore, dogs to play with and toys to chase. I would do anything to get there faster, and have become somewhat an expert on dragging my humans there quickly. All that is … [Read more...]

Bright, white smile


Today I've been rolled around in mud, chewed on, tumbled through the air and chased across a football field. All in all it could have been a great experience but if you have two adult dogs chasing you with their very sharp teeth visible its not so much fun anymore. I think I did it all right, I … [Read more...]



I believe a good dog should be able to find his own entertainment wherever he goes without having to ask his humans for toys all the time. Yesterday for example, I went with my humans to the pub. They were meeting some human friends there and their friends had brought their human puppies along as … [Read more...]

The sock game and how to play it


Being a puppy, one of my main jobs is to steal socks from laundry baskets and bedroom floors. My personal favourite is stealing the sock straight off the human's foot so the smell is fresh. This is not as easy as it might seem , in fact it is a skill that requires patience, stealth and most of all … [Read more...]