Blocked IP Addresses & Get Away Cars


Rooooo you won't believe what mischief I have to report today. This morning got off to a really bad start when I sat down by my computer to write up my weekly mischief report. I couldn't log into my blog because my computer told me that my ip address had been blocked after they had detected a brute … [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Moving Dens

Photo 2012-12-15 07.21.34 PM

Talk about mischief! The humans have bought a new den (they call it a flat) that we're all moving to tomorrow and I'm not allowed to help out with the packing and the boxes. Instead I'm being shipped off to  our friends on the country side until the move is done - I'm not impressed! The only good … [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Want My Pawprint?

They are not stealing any toys on my watch!

A Bone To Pick Rooo I have a real bone to pick with some local culprits - actually, its more like a whole bag full of bones. *waggy tail* Let me tell you the story from the beginning! When my humans came back from holiday last week the she-human couldn't bear the thought of leaving me home … [Read more...]

A Birthday Monkey and His Monkey

Oh no, he's got me!

This week has been absolutely pawsome. Starting off last weekend with the Entlebucher club's tail wagging pawty for all of us puppies who celebrate our birthdays in September. Then, on my actual birthday on Thursday I got a super yummy chewy hoof & dinosaur bone from my little sister … [Read more...]

No Monday Mischief Today

The humans have been away for a couple if days and left me in charge of two of their friends for the weekend. Talk about hard work - training two new humans from scratch isn't easy. Well they did remember some of the stuff I taught them last time around, but you know what they say about teaching … [Read more...]