London Sightseeing by Paw

Tower Bridge

Living in a big city like London is really cool because you can say you're a city dog. But I realised the other day that I haven't actually seen that much of the city itself, so I asked the humans if we could go sightseeing. I wanted to meet the Queen and play with her Corgis, and perhaps visit a … [Read more...]

Bright, white smile


Today I've been rolled around in mud, chewed on, tumbled through the air and chased across a football field. All in all it could have been a great experience but if you have two adult dogs chasing you with their very sharp teeth visible its not so much fun anymore. I think I did it all right, I … [Read more...]



I'm five months old this week - that means I'm halfway through what humans call the 'brat stage' where apparently puppies are testing their humans limits and try to become top dog, chew everything they can get their teeth into and start experiencing hormonal changes. So far I've noticed my puppy … [Read more...]

Saturday Treasure Hunts


Saturday morning walks are the best. The humans are collecting the recycling and rubbish, transforming our street to an obstacle and adventure course perfect for an inquisitive puppy like myself. This is how it all works. The humans from the council know that I'm taking my morning walk around 8AM … [Read more...]


band aid

I am of course a fully trained Entlebucher dog but I'm starting to draw the conclusions that my humans are not very good at teaching me the rest of the stuff I need to know when living in a big city. Take lead work for example. My humans told me it would be fine if I walked ahead of them as long as … [Read more...]

Looking for trouble? Here I am!

band aid

I don't look for trouble, trouble finds me wherever I go. I'm a normal, reasonably well-behaved four months something puppy who's never done anything to deliberately hurt anyone else. I love humans, can't get enough of them in fact. They are the keepers of all good things including cheese and toys, … [Read more...]

Lost Property

Alfieand PIG

As a puppy, it can sometimes be a little daunting to stand your ground against your much bigger humans. For example, it seems they believe they have the right to all your property at any given time, and sometimes they will even snatch things from your mouth. I'm not only referring to our toys, … [Read more...]

Winter Boots


I took my humans out for a pack walk in the new snow on Saturday. We went to the local park and boy was it worth the effort! The snow was fluffy and cold and I met lots of new friends in all shapes and sizes. The strangest one was made out of snow and had a traffic cone for a hat and tree branches … [Read more...]

I’m moving to London!

Puppy Equipment

Good news - I've just found out that I will be moving to London on Monday! I'm so excited -I will be the first and only Entlebucher Mountain Dog in the big city, so it will be down to me to keep up our good name and setting the standards.  I've heard the dog fashion is quite different in … [Read more...]