It seems like this might be my new job

Balancing a pawsome Merrick treat on my nose

  Roooo it seems like my human has decided that balancing treats on my nose is my new job. I suppose its my own fault for telling her we had to take some new photos for the National Entlebucher Mountain Dog association's annual photo competition. We had already submitted photos for all … [Read more...]

Did you Know I used to be a Spy Dog?

Entlebuchers Brise, Alfie and Bo

Roooo did you know I used to be a super spy? You know the type you see on TV, wearing dark sun glasses and a smart looking black suit? Yup that used to be me. I sniffed out all the bad dawgs and negotiated secret government doggie deals. I travelled the world and seduced beautiful girl dogs all … [Read more...]