Deep end

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Those of you who have been following me on Facebook have probably seen that I've got a new hobby. Its called swimming - or lets be honest its probably more like wading as my paws have been touching the ground the whole time. So far I've chased and retrieved sticks thrown into the river Thames, then … [Read more...]

Saturday Treasure Hunts


Saturday morning walks are the best. The humans are collecting the recycling and rubbish, transforming our street to an obstacle and adventure course perfect for an inquisitive puppy like myself. This is how it all works. The humans from the council know that I'm taking my morning walk around 8AM … [Read more...]


band aid

I am of course a fully trained Entlebucher dog but I'm starting to draw the conclusions that my humans are not very good at teaching me the rest of the stuff I need to know when living in a big city. Take lead work for example. My humans told me it would be fine if I walked ahead of them as long as … [Read more...]



I believe a good dog should be able to find his own entertainment wherever he goes without having to ask his humans for toys all the time. Yesterday for example, I went with my humans to the pub. They were meeting some human friends there and their friends had brought their human puppies along as … [Read more...]

Squeaky ponies and rabies


Guess what - I'm getting my own passport so I can go with my humans on holidays in Europe. I've just come back from the vets and she explained that I'll get my very own passport as soon as I pass my rabies vaccine test. She said I can choose a photo to put in there which is really cool, but I … [Read more...]

Sweet Sixteen


My humans have been told that the puppy at sixteen weeks without extensive training and behavior modification is what you are going to get as an adult. As this has been my sixteenth week I have given this a lot of thought and talked to all my friends about my career options. You see, dogs don't have … [Read more...]