Up for a photo challenge?


Entlebucher puppy with muddy faceLast night I had the most amazing idea. I was half asleep on the cow hide in our living room, the humans were watching TV and everything was peaceful. Then, suddenly they changed channels and there it was – a dog on TV! It was a still image of what looked like a really cute staffie bitch, and although I couldn’t smell her I had to go up and give her a little kiss. We looked into each other’s eyes for a while and I thought we had something special going, but then of course the humans changed channels again and she was gone.

But this had given me an idea! Dogs like photos too and if I’m not mistaken this is exactly what the humans do when they point their cameras at us. They take photos! I quickly checked my humans phone and sure enough, it was full of photos of me and my friends. If my human has hundreds of photos of me, then I’m sure other dog owners will have photos of their pooches too.

Wouldn’t it be great if  we could somehow share the photos so we get to ‘meet’ other blogging dogs and their humans from other parts of the world? I asked my human if we could do something on my blog to make this happen and she mentioned that her mum joins something she calls ‘photo challenges’ from all over the world where they are given a specific ‘theme’ for their photographs, and then bloggers from all over the world share their photos with each other. I think this is exactly what I would like to do, I just need to work out the technical details of how I can make this happen so watch this space!




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    hey Alfie! thanks for checking out our blog and your comments about our friend, Monty. he was a great dog and we are going to miss him a lot.

    you’ve got a pretty cool blog going on here. we’ll come back and spend more time sniffing around.

    we’re up for the photo challenge. our human is a photo taking machine, except lately she has been cussing at that little camera that she takes to the dog park.

    woof ya later!

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      Thanks for popping by! Good to hear you have a human with a camera attached to her nose as well – it will be so much fun to see everyone’s photos :o)
      Woof to you too!

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    Hi Alfie.
    Good idea … I am already looking forward to it Alfie!!! <3
    Imagine yourself, Dog's from the whole world will came and say Hallo to you!!!
    I got a lot of pictures … Go for it!!!
    Hugs from Elionor and Lasse and Maria.

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