How To Make Super Cute Doggie Business Cards Using Your Own Photos


Getting My Very Own Business Cards

My humans and I often get lots of questions about my breed when we’re out and about. I guess, being an Entlebucher Mountain Dog makes me quite unique and people always want to know more. I asked my human if we couldn’t use some of all the thousands of photos she’s taken of me and make some cool doggie business cards, so people can find my blog and follow my adventures online.

She thought that was a great idea and showed me this fun little company called Moo. They make some quite unusual, half sized business cards called ‘mini cards’ where you can use up to 100 of your own photos to make each and every business card completely unique – and you can add your contact details (and a small photo or a logo) on the reverse. Sounded great, the only problem was that I have about 5,000 photos to choose from!

We spent ages going through all my photos, and then uploaded our favourites to Moo’s site and yesterday the cards finally arrived. What do you think? I’m really pleased with them myself!

We uploaded both portrait and landscape pictures...

Get a 10% Discount from Moo

Moo sent me a special message saying that I could offer all my friends a 10% discount – all you need to do to claim the discount is using any of the links to Moo in this blog post. The discount is valid for any purchases off their website and that includes post cards, regular sized business cards, stickers and labels too. You don’t need any special discount code or anything, simply use this link and you’ll get your 10% discount off your entire order. They print and deliver to both the US, and the UK.

We bought this cute little case to keep my cards in....

PS. I didn’t get paid by Moo to write this post but if some of my friends sign up and order their own business cards, I’ll get another batch of cards for free and that would be pawsome *waggy tail*

The business cards came with this cute little box!




  1. says

    Good for you – mommy has had a photo of herself, me and my Kuvasz sister on her cards for the past 3 yrs. Since we too are unusual breeds she hands them out at dog parks, etc when people ask about us! Great idea and thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Do they do cats too????

    I sure wish I had seen this before I ordered a TON last week from Zazzle (or Cafe Press) can’t remember who.

    I may have to do this anyway. Thanks!!!

  3. says

    I’ve heard of Moo, but not really looked into it. My business cards (I still have a lot!) have my old blog banner on them, which really isn’t so great a picture in general, but also not at that size. Maybe I’ll do it…


  4. says

    Cool business cards! One of my puppy raiser friends was showing me her half sized business cards from Moo. They are very cool and I will probably order some in the next day or two. How long did it take for them to send you the cards?


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