Pawsome Pet Photo Competition for Mischief Makers! #MondayMischief #PhotoContest


Calling all my mischief buddies in the UK!

When I read the introduction to the pet photo competition from Petsavers I couldn’t believe my eyes:

“Do you have a pet that has a tendency to get into trouble or is frequently getting up to mischief by making a mess or winding up in the unlikeliest of places?”

Who do I possibly know that fits that bill? I know – how about all my Monday Mischief buddies? *waggy tail*

The competition is free to enter for UK residents and they are after photos of pet mischief in action! Sounds like fun doesn’t it? You can read more about the pet photo competition here – I’m off to think of some pawsome mishief for my human to photograph! *waggy tail*



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    Hmmm…I have a UK Pet Passport but I bet that won’t count since I reside in the US? What a bummer, I would love to enter! I love that wabbit wubba!!!

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    Hi hi, Alfie!! It’s been so long since I’ve visited — please forgive me! Thanks for coming to visit me. :)

    I’m gonna hide this underwater phone thingie from my hu-mommy. Next thing I know she’ll be making me skinny dip in the intercoastal just to get her some underwater photos. Heh.

    Stay in touch!

    Woofs & huggies! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

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