The ingredients for a pawfect Doggie Photo? Nerves of steel – and lots of slobber. #MondayMischief


More slobber?

Bella and I were having a pawsome time last week. My human decided that she wanted some nice photos of the two of us in the sunshine so she asked Bella’s human to be her photo assistant. Bella’s human is a pawsome assistant because her pockets are always full of treats and toys *Waggy tail*.

The Photo Plan

The plan was simple.

She wanted a pawsome action shot of us running towards the camera.

Ideally without getting run over.

The Plan in Action

My human had the camera in a firm grip and lay down on the lawn in front of us doggies. ‘Don’t worry – as long as you don’t move they won’t run into you’, Bella’s human said confidently and grinned. Bella’s human then stood behind my human, waved a toy in the air and called for us.

I really, really wanted to get my paws on that toy so I couldn’t stop slobbering *waggy tail*.

And of course we didn’t step on my human, but I might have slobbered just a little bit as I ran past her! *Waggy tail*

Here we come!

What could possibly go wrong?


Roooo ooooo ooooh

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