Please help me Pick a Pic for the ‘Dog Photographer of the Year’ Competition


1 Me, overlooking my pawsome kingdom

Rooo as you might know there’s a doggie photo competition called the Dog Photographer of the Year and my human’s decided that she wants to enter some of my photos. Turns out that’s easier said than done – we have too many to choose from and she can’t make up her mind. She’s been starring at her computer screen for ages and its driving me crazy – I mean, how difficult can it be to choose just one picture? *Waggy tail*

Need your help to choose a photo

I really, really want her to step away from the computer so we can go and play fetch so it would be totally pawsome if you could help me choose a photo to enter in the competition *waggy tail*. Its for the ‘Portrait Category’ – and you can see previous years winners in a gallery on Flickr here.

I’ve added my favourite pics below – just have a look, and leave a comment telling me which one you like the most *waggy tail*

Thanks so much for your help buddies! *Waggy tail*

2. My pawsome kingdom - me looking into the camera


3. My pawsome kingdom last year


4. Me posing patiently last year


5. Me in greenland *waggy tail*


6. Me in greenland, different angle


7. Me looking shy and sweet, almost like a real good dog! *Waggy tail*


8. Me looking shy and sweet, different angle *Waggy tail*


9. Me looking shy and sweet, looking into the camera




  1. Leslie says

    Wow, they’re all amazing. I’ve been going back and forth between 3 and 4 but I think finally I’m going to vote for 3. You just look so regal in it.

  2. Michelle S. says

    Hi Alfie – you look fantastic in all the pics! It’s so hard to choose just one so I’ve narrowed my choices to #4 or #6. Good luck!

  3. Inga says

    Tough choice!!!
    But I think #4 – comparing that one to the page with the 2012 winners, it has the same quality in saturated colors and good contrast – besides Alfie looking his usual fantastic self anyway of course!!
    Good luck!!!

  4. says

    I love all of them but since you are asking for just one, I would have to go with number 3. You look quite regal in it as if you are reigning over your kingdom. Here is wishing you first place. No wonder your Mum is starring at the computer, did you think it was going to be any easier for us to pick for her. Arf, arf!

  5. says

    WoW. Such beautiful shots. It looks like a hard competition but your pics are definitely worthy. My choice would be number 4 – the focus is all on his face, the lighting beautiful behind & even the roughage on his tongue adds character to your pup. Great shot & good luck!!!!

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