Sniff out My Pawsome Entlebucher Mountain Dog Christmas Cards


Just me, the Barking Reindeer - and you write the text yourself...

Finding that Pawfect Christmas Card

Has your human started looking for Christmas cards yet? Are you bored with one card after another with nothing other than angels, Santas and Christmas trees? Roooo – I know, they all look the same don’t they? *yawn*

There should be dogs on every Christmas card that goes to a family with a four legged family member, and if they don’t have a dog yet then they definitely need a doggie Christmas card even more *waggy tail*.

Have you checked out my Entlebucher Mountain Dog Christmas cards yet? My human and I designed them using photos of me wearing a very itchy Santa hat and some quite pawsome looking antlers. Then we added some fun texts and I uploaded them to my Entle shop – I’m quite pleased with them and I hope they might help me get into Santa’s good books again *waggy tail*

Don’t take my word for it though, check them out in my shop

Personalise the Christmas Cards with your own Dog’s Name

Rooo I totally forgot to say that you can personalise some of them by changing my name to your own – how pawsome is that? So, it will look like you designed the whole card yourself! (I won’t tell anyone!) *waggy tail*

The cards are available as post cards, note cards & greeting cards in different sizes and single as well as multipacks *Waggy tail*

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Christmas Card - Personalise with your own dog's name

"I don't care if he brings a sack full of bribes - there will be no fat man coming down the chimney on my watch" Personalise with your own dog's name.




"Dear Santa Paws, I can Explain" - The perfect card for good dog (owners) everywhere...


entlebucher-santa-sleigh-christmas cards-

"Dear Santa Paws, Wouldn't it be great to have Entlebucher Mountain Dogs pulling your sleigh this year?" Personalise with your own dog's name. Perfect card for Entle lovers anywhere...





  1. says

    Those are great cards!

    I don’t think I’ve yet sent out Christmas cards in my adult life. I MEAN to every year, of course…..

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