It was as easy as stealing a ball from a puppy – hold on, that’s exactly what happened!


Me telling Tucker the Rules of the Beach

Meeting Tucker

Bella and I went to see our lil Entlebucher Mountain Dog cousin Tucker today. He lives with his two humans close to the sea by Portsmouth here in England. We had arranged to meet up on the beach, show lil Tucker how to play fetch and dip his paws in the sea water – but when he showed up with his two mummies, I quickly realised what would happen.

He was real cute, for a boy – and I could see my human go all puppy broody. Bella’s human was no better, and they both cuddled Tucker and gave him waay too much attention, checking his lil paws that had extra toes on them, and kissed him on the nose *sigh*. I had to do something so I decided to start training his humans at fetch, knowing that lil Tucker soon would need them both to be able to throw that stick real far. I had just managed to get them somewhat trained in throwing skills when it was time to go to Tucker’s house.

Bella showing Tucker the importance of finding a good quality stick

Tucker’s House

Our little cousin was so happy to show us around – he told us there’s a real rabbit upstairs and that they had parrots in the conservative but we weren’t allowed to go and see them so Bella and I didn’t believe any of it. Then we went into the living room and as the humans started munching away on pizza and cake, Bella stole my favourite green ball, and started teasing Tucker with it. Tucker loved the game and sooon they were chasing each other round the living room having lots of fun while the humans watched and cheered them on. I quickly got really bored and annoyed with the two puppies getting all the attention.

Thats when it happened.

The tempting scent of a newly bought dog toy tickled my nostrils and I went out to see where it might come from. I promised myself I would only have a peek – everyone knows you need to be good to puppies, and it wouldn’t be fair to play with his toys behind his back. I followed the scent to Tucker’s kitchen, looked back to see if anyone had spotted me and put my paws on the counter top (editor’s note: standard counter surfing pose).

It was so round and perfect I started drooling with excitement.

The rubber ball still in its packaging and it looked so pawsome I just couldn’t stop myself.

I leaned in to get a better sniff and the rubber smelled so tempting I decided just to give it a little lick. I only meant to taste it, I promise.

A minute or so later, when the ball was all slobbery, I thought I might just as well take it in my mouth just to see if it was any good to play with and perhaps bring it in to Tucker.

But as soon as the rubber ball was inside my mouth, all thoughts of Tucker disappeared and I gave the ball a good shake and a growl and ran back into the living room.

In my opinion it wasn’t really mischief – I was only giving Tucker a lesson in the importance of keeping an eye on his toys *waggy tail*

What mischief have you been up to this week?

All of us playing together (note who's snitched that stick!)




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    Momz sez to say thank you Alfie…she had never seen a polydactyl dog before so you’ve taught her something new…Looks like you three had a pretty darn good day playing and if you have to teach to youngsters how to play with new toys, well you’re just doing your job

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