Still Playing that Puppy Card & Getting away with it #wordlesswednesday


alfie entlebucher mountain dog waiting at platform

Playing that Puppy Card

My human and I went on a train journey to see my lil sister Bella the other day. As we were waiting for the train to arrive at the platform, my human told me to sit nicely and look at her (instead of rooo’ing at all the other interesting looking people).

So there I was, sitting nicely (alright, I might have wiggled my bum just a little bit) and I could hear people talking about us.

‘Look, she’s training her puppy – isn’t he cute’.

‘Awww, he’s adorable, how old is he?’

Roooooo ooooo they had no idea I’m nearly three years old – totally pawsome.

You know what that means right pups?

I can still play the puppy card and get away with it! *waggy tail*

What about you guys – do you pretend to still be a puppy sometimes?


PS. I got the window seat on the train and it was totally pawsome!



  1. says

    Yes, Toby still plays the puppy card. Like you, he’s not too big with a sweet puppy face. Alfie if I saw you on the train I would ask if I could meet you. I’m amazed you got to ride the train! And then the window seat! Lucky dog!

  2. says

    Hey there little puppy Alfie! :)

    You’re such a pup! My Mum tells people I’m still a pup until I’m 4 years old, so I’m not gonna argue and sure play up to it too! Keep it up dude, it’s better than being all mature!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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