My Pawsome Entlebucher Mountain Dog Calendar


All My Entlebucher Mountain Dog Pals in one Calendar

Rooo I’m so excited I just can’t stop wagging my Entle butt. I’ve just finished this year’s Entle calendar and its looking totally pawsome *waggy tail*.

My human and I have gone though all our photos from this year and picked our favourites and put them in my calendar. There’s pictures of me and Bella of course, and some of my other siblings and pals having a pawsome time. Big thanks everypawdy for letting me use my photos of you *Waggy tail*

Who’s in the calendar?

There’s a picture of my sister Cleo’s first ever run in the water, and Bonnie running through sea foam. My brother Bertie is showing how to play a proper game of fetch and my cousin Basil is strutting his stuff for the ladies in one photo  (the lady in question is actually my sis Bella so he has some explaining to do next time I see him!).

And my pawsome lil pal Tucker is running with me and Bella on the beach in one of the photos – he almost looks like he was our lil pup *Waggy tail*. And of course there’s a whole bunch of photos of me having a pawsome time in the water, playing fetch and more!

The calendar is available for sale in my Entlebucher Mountain Dog Shop & guess what, we deliver all over the world (just like Santa Paws) and you can set the start date yourself *Waggy tail*

You might remember I made a Entlebucher calendar last year too? That calendar is still available for sale in my shop & you can easily change the start date.




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