Monday Mischief – Sniffing for the Camera


My human and I took the big red bus to our favourite park in Wimbledon a couple of days ago. It was such a pawsome day – not quite winter yet, but nice and cold and with just the right amount of fog to make the park look like a real mysterious place. Perfect for a good game of ‘find it’!

This time around, my human hid not just one but *five* treats underneath a big old tree for me to sniff out. Do you have any idea how much nose power you need to sniff out that many treats? Didn’t think so – you need a special Entlebucher nose to work that equation out *Waggy tail*.


She hid the treats while I waited patiently, and then….just as I was getting into the game & the human had the video camera out – a big slobbery intruder with a bell on ruined *everything*! Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean.

I quickly requested a new game of find it and I don’t think my human realised just how many treats I got out of the German Shepherd’s mischief *waggy tail*

PS. If you have good ears then you might be able to hear the crunchy noise when I ‘find it’



  1. says

    but you were working so hard and your humums attention was taken by the intruder!! I think you need extra treats! Looks like a great game!!

  2. says

    Alfie, I LOVE to play that game and am even taking “Nose Work” classes. I’ve never gotten to ride on a bus before…you sure are lucky!

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