Monday Mischief – The Entlebucher Mountain Dog T-shirt that lied about its size


What's the big deal about this t-shirt anyway? Its not even tri coloured *waggy tail*

Humans do the silliest things sometimes. My little sister Bella and I decided that we wanted to go along to Discover Dogs at Earl’s Court next weekend – its kind of fun to chat with new humans who are interested in learning about our breed, and us dogs get lots of treats and cuddles out of it too.

Anyway – when we told our humans we wanted to go there, they started fretting about what to wear and that sort of thing. Bella and I just closed our ears – some human discussions are just too boring to listen to, and besides its not like we were going to change coats just because of a dog show anyway.

Finding the Right T-shirts

The humans agreed that it would be a great idea to wear T-shirts with cool mountain dogs on them, but they couldn’t find a design they liked. (Lets just say, it would have been a whole lot easier for them if we were labradors!). So my human voluteered to design a t-shirt from one of her photographs of me. That sounded like a good idea at the time, but oh dog did it take her a long time to get it all sorted.

Pawsome Design?

She started off by applying some cool filters to the photo to make me look as though I had been painted by a real artist. Then she did lots of research to get enough words to make a sort of word cloud to describe our breed – Bella’s human helped out with this as well. And then it took her another eternity to make the actual Entlebucher word cloud around my face! Lets just say she went through lots of cups of tea before the design was done.

EDIT: These Entlebucher t-shirts are now for sale in my Entlebucher Mountain Dog Shop over at Cafe Press *waggy tail*


Then came the most important bit – ordering the actual t-shirts. I had fallen asleep by then, otherwise I might have been able to help her out and prevented a small disaster. Bella’s human had asked for a size large because she is really good at shrinking stuff in the laundry machine. My human feels quite confident in the laundry department so she ordered her usual size which is medium.

T-shirt Mischief!

Roooo – little did she know that the sizes were so small that she wouldn’t be able to breathe as long as she wore her t-shirt! I suggested that if she gave me some of all that chocolate she eats in the evenings, then perhaps she would be able to wear it in time for the dog show, but that suggestion didn’t go down well. Instead she called mischief on the t-shirt! *Waggy tail*

So, if anyone would like a moss green Entlebucher T-shirt in size small (the blue one in the picture is for Bella’s human), then just let me know and I can post it to you. My human says she’s also uploaded the design to Cafe Press in case anyone else is looking for an Entle t-shirt too, but it might take a couple of days before it becomes available to buy there.

What have you been up to this weekend?



  1. says

    I had that happen to me too. I ordered a large Women’s T-shirt from Cafe Press and when it came it seemed more like a small. At $40 to make the shirt, I was a little frustrated to say the least. I still have the shirt. I should try to give it away like you :)

  2. Inga says

    Too bad the shirt didn’t turn out as expected, but something tells me that your human is going to find a solution for that Alfie!
    Have fun at Discover Dogs!

    Ps. I saw on their website that they do agility as well – will you participate in that?

  3. says

    Hey Alfie,

    That’s a shame for your Mum! My Mum has ordered stuff from Zazzle before and the sizes have been pretty good…. Your Mum may want to try that?

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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