I can’t believe they made me write about Beagles


hug-a-beagleIf you’re an Entle You Really shouldn’t be Reading This

Rooooo I need to start this blogpost with a waggy warning for all my fellow Entlebucher Mountain Dogs and their humans. I am going to write about a serious, and for us rather disturbing topic – Beagles. (If you’ve just landed on this post from the Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange, or the Monday Mischief Bloghop - hang in there, things will start to make more sense soon *Waggy tail*).

You know what I’m talking about.

Beagles are too Cute

Beagles may look cute with their round smiley, innocent looking faces – and with noses that can smell a bacon sandwich from the other side of town, but I don’t like ‘em one bit. Rooooo they may be tri coloured, short legged and long bodied just like us Entles, but that’s where the similarities end as far as I’m concerned. Still, as a minority dog breed us Entles get confused with Beagles all the time. Its so unfair!

I have covered the Beagle problem on my blog before in my posts That Question again ‘Are they Beagles’ and That one time at a dog show when someone thought we were Swiss Beagles. We get these questions so frequently its sort of an internal joke amongst my Entle friends’ humans – Roooo it happens so often, I even designed a t-shirt to make it clear that I’m not a Beagle! *waggy tail*

I also had a very embarrassing experience involving a Beagle once. He grabbed my leash and tried to boss me around! Oh yeah, Beagles are sneaky little dogs alright – watch my video below if you don’t believe me (hit the refresh button in your browser if you can’t see the video) *Waggy tail*.


The Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange

So where’s all this talk about Beagles going I hear you ask? Well. I signed up for something called the Pet Bloggers gift exchange where you get paired up with a fellow pet blogger in order to introduce them on your blog and share some linky love during the holiday season. So as you can imagine I was a little surprised when it turned out that Pamela over at ‘Something Wagging‘ paired my blog up with the ‘Life with Beagle‘ Blog! Rooooooo Pamela what were you thinking, its a blog about Beagles for woofing out loud!

My image is ruined forever *Waggy tail*

Introducing Life with Beagle

life-with-beagle-masthead13 (900x225)

Christie Zizo is the human in charge over at Life with Beagle, and she is blogging from Orlando, FL. She is assisted by Lulu the Beagle and Galadriel the cat (a cat AND a Beagle? Come on! This is a set up isn’t it? *waggy tail*).

A Cute Beagle Girl?

Jokes about Beagles aside, I was really excited to sniff out ‘Life with Beagle’ as it is a new blog to me and I have just spent some time reading through their latest blog posts and social media pages. The blog is not just about Beagles, although true to their title they cover lots of Beagle stories like the one about Elvis the Beagle who can sniff out pregnancies and Beagle of the week. Christie also writes about pet events in the Orlando area and impawtant topics like this safe haven for pets of people escaping abusive relationships.

luluIn November, which was Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, Christie interviewed a whole range of experts and wrote a series of pawsome articles about Pet Diabetes which you can find here. As a Beagle owner I can imagine that Christie feels that it is extra important to try and use cruelty free product around the house, and she has set up a really helpful page with lots of tips and resources on where to find everything from cruelty free cosmetics to cleaning products.

I’ve gotta say, despite my better judgement, I’m starting to have a doggie crush Lulu – she’s a cutie pie. I mean, sniff out this post about her new Christmas Pajama - looking pawsome girl! (Don’t tell my Entle friends I said that though!) She also has her own Facebook page and twitter account which you definitely should follow, I already put my paw on the ‘like’ buttons *Waggy tail*.

In short – Life with Beagle is a real pawsome and very interesting blog for all pet owners, whether they own a Beagle or not.

Help me give Life with Beagle an Extra Special Gift this HolidayPet-Bloggers-Gift-Exchange-graphic

The Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange is all about doing something extra nice for the blog you’ve been paired up with and I have an idea. You see, all bloggers dream of getting more readers so it would be totally pawsome if you could help me share some blog loving this holiday. Simply sniff out the Life with Beagle blog and sign up to get their email newsletter, follow them on Facebook and Twitter or leave a comment and say woof…

While you’re on their blog – share a couple of posts on Pinterest – what could be more ‘pinnable’ than cute Beagles? *Waggy tail*. I have set up a board full of their articles that you can find here - would you pinners out there help me re-pin them to send them some well deserved new readers?

Life With Beagle Pinboard





  1. says

    Oh man Alfie! What a bummer having to write about Beagles. Lots of folks think I am similar to a Beagle, but I’m NOT! I have several Beagle friends, but they are different. You did a darn good job with your assigned task, I must say!

  2. Inga says

    Love your post Alfie! I saved all the links for reading during X-mas…. ;-)
    Did see the video of you and and your Beagle friend though, and loved it – that looked like an awful lot of fun!!

  3. says

    Cute post, Alfie! We love beagles (we’ve had many beagles in our family & Rita’s 1/2 beagle) which gives us a love for all tri-colored dogs – like you! We try to stop by and see Lulu when we can. So many great blogs out there – so little time!

  4. says

    Alfie, you certainly showed yourself to be the better man, er, I mean dog. After so many people had the nerve to mix you up with a beagle and you still shared so much love with Life with Beagle. You’re awesome.

    So glad you joined the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange!

  5. says

    BOL! The title of this post absolutely cracked me up. It was very big of you to write such a glowing and wonderful post about Beagles given all of that history. ;)

    Seriously though, I loved your post and I’m totally heading over to that Pinterest board now. What a great idea! Thanks for joining us for the gift exchange.

  6. says

    Haha…that video deserves more love! Looks to me Alfie like you were ignoring the Beagle and he knew that all it took was a little tug of your leash and hey presto! Play time! You’re such a pushover :-)

  7. says

    Don’t worry Alfie, people think Nailah is a Husky… I think you look nothing like a beagle! Though I might have said Swiss Mt. Dog if I didn’t know better! :X Great post on your friend Lulu!

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