Meeting New Entle Buddy Torin and Swimming with Max


Two Entle peas in a pod?

Roooo another pawsome weekend has come to an end.

It all started on Friday when I met up with my new Entle friend Torin. Torin is a nine month old Entle pup who said he couldn’t make it for my pack walk next weekend, but as his humans were driving through San Francisco this weekend he asked if they could make a pit stop and come and meet me.

Sniffing the views

I took him to Buena Vista which is one of my favourite parks, and showed him the beautiful smells from the top of the hill. Being a puppy he couldn’t care less about the smells but he wanted to meet and greet all the other dogs that were there. I see it as my duty to educate the young ones so I stepped in a couple of times to let him know how to behave around me his elders.

He will thank me later *waggy tail*.

Going Swimming


Then on Saturday my human said we were dog sitting my buddy Max. Max is the most pawsome buddy any dog can ask for and he is always cool as a cucumber.


Just check him out in this video – could you tell he was after my ball?

Didn’t think so.

He is a mischief mastermind with the pokerface worthy of a CIA agent *Waggy tail*.

Rooooo and later on Saturday the most pawome thing ever happened. I met an Entle girl who was so cute with her white tipped tail that I even let her take my tennis ball. I will tell you all about her later this week *waggy tail*

What have you been up to this weekend? Met any new friends? *waggy tail*


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  1. Inga says

    Ah… as if meeting up with Torin and Max isn’t enough, there’s also going to be a new Entle girlfriend????!!!
    Wow, can’t wait to hear about that!!

  2. says

    You and your friends are all so cute! Looks like a great weekend! Rita met a new friend this weekend too – at her Obedience II class. They had a good time playing after class!

  3. says

    Did you recognize that he was the same type of dog as you? When my Icelandics meet other Icelandics you can see the difference in how they interact as opposed to when they meet other breeds. They always love each other!

  4. says

    What a great weekend, Alfie! There’s nothing better than getting to hang out with friends, and go swimming too! I couldn’t see the video though, I don’t know why. :( I’ll try to come back later and try again. Can’t wait to hear about the girlfriend too!

    • says

      Rooooo the video is on my Instagram account and this is the first time I ever tried embedding a video from there into my blog. Paws crossed it works again soon *Waggy tail*

  5. says

    Lots of good fun with good buddies, that is pawsome! Do any of them make fun of your accent since you come from the UK? I think dogs around here made fun of Katie and I when we first moved here.

  6. says

    Looks like you guys had a great time! :) It’s so cool that you got to meet some more Entie’s, it must be a pretty hard breed to encounter. As for this girl dog… do I detect a possible crush? ;)

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