Entlebucher Playdate – Teaching the Pups some More Mischief #MondayMischief


My sis Clara and cousin Basil sniffing me all over

Three Litters of Mischief!

Rooo last weekend was like a totally pawsome Entlebucher Mountain Dog Pawty! I met up with my siblings Bella, Eiger, Bertie, Cleo and Clara – and our cousin Basil for a big play date.

I’m from my mum Norfolk Fields Queenie’s first litter and I’ll be 3 years old in September.

Bella, Eiger and Bertie are from the second litter and they are about 14 months old now.

Cleo and Clara are the youngest pups, born earlier this summer and I was really looking forward to teaching them the basics of mischief before the puppy classes convert them into good dogs.

Our cousin Basil is from Torfheide Kennels and he is a pup from my friend Shadow’s second litter – I think he’s about ten months old now.

Watch this pups - when the humans tell you to 'come' you simply show 'em your tongue!

Cleo picked up the basics very quickly!

Never, ever share your toys!


You know those big ears of yours? Use them to propel water onto your human!

Bella is fully trained and helped me with some training techniques for the others...

Cleo showing me her puppy run


Cleo wasn't scared of the water at all - she's a natural

I have failed with my brother Bertie's mischief training - he was a real good boy, but boy do we look a whole lot alike!


Mischief Score Card

All in all I can conclude that Cleo is showing massive potential for future mischief. She’s bouncy, clever and full of beans – my human says she reminded her a whole lot of another dog she knows. I wonder who that might be?

My brother Bertie is apparently a bit of a mischief maker at home, but he decided to show the pups  how to be a good boy instead.

Eiger decided that all this mischief nonsense was just silly and continued being the cool dude that he is.

Clara seems to be taking after Bertie and behaved really well during the day.

Our cousin Basil might look like a good boy, but he showed some real initiative and hijacked a picnic nearby – I think he got himself a yummy sausage.

You’re wondering what Bella was up to? She helped me round up the puppies and herd the toys.

We had so much fun I’ll have to share the rest of the photos in my Wednesday post! *Waggy tail*

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  1. Inga says

    That was definitely a great day for you all!
    Terrific photos – hope there will be a large family photo with all of you in it on your Wednesday post?! That should be a wonderful sight!!

  2. says

    How fun! There is always one “goody two paws” in the bunch, I guess that was Bertie. I love to show puppies the ropes too. Great photos and I think they all learned a lot from you!

  3. says

    What fun to be able to get together and play with your siblings and cousin! What a gorgeous group you are too. It sounds like there are a variety of personalities and that keeps things interesting. I will be back to see more photos!

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