My Entlebucher Mountain Dog Christmas Shop is now Open


Welcome to Alfie's Entlebucher Mountain Dog Shop

Paws up who’s been a Good Doggie?

Its that time of year again when Santa Paws starts looking through his list of puppy names to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

With my history of mischief I wasn’t quite sure whether Santa would have me on his ‘nice list’ this year so I decided to make it real easy for the old man and I added some pawsome Christmas pressies to my Entlebucher Mountain Dog Shop and made a list for Santa to follow when he goes shopping.

You can forward this list to your human too if you like *Waggy tail*

Dear Santa Paws,

I’ve been a real good boy this year.

I can explain everything…

Please can I have :

Dear Santa Paws - I can Explain Everything: Entlebucher Mountain Dog Christmas Gift Shop

 My human said I should write to Santa Paws straight from my heart. Well – this seemed to be the only honest way to start my letter *Waggy tail* Sniff out this design on X-mas stockings, ornaments, Christmas cards and more…

You can't bribe an Entlebucher on duty: Christmas shop

Everyone knows you can’t bribe an Entlebucher Mountain Dog on duty – not even on Christmas *Waggy tail*. Find this design on everything from X-as stockings, to t-shirts and ornaments…

The Barking Reindeer: Entlebucher Mountain Dog in Antlers: Christmas gifts

The Barking Reindeer – BOL, can’t you see its me, Alfie wearing antlers? *Waggy tail* Find this design on everything from t-shirts, to ornaments, and pillows and jewellery…

Entlebucher Mountain Dogs pulling Santa's sleigh Christmas gift shop

 Santa’s deliveries would run so much smoother with a pack of Entles pulling his sleigh! You can change my name into your own Entle’s name and personalise a range of gifts in my shop *Waggy tail*

What’s on our wish list for Christmas? *waggy tail*




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