An Entlebucher Family Reunion in London, UK


Showing my mum Queenie (right) my favourite pond

I had to be on my very best behavior all day yesterday. Firstly because there were some humans who wanted to meet a real live Entlebucher Mountain Dog before they go and buy an Entlebucher puppy of their own, and also because my mum Queenie from Norfolk Fields and her human Kristina came all the way to London to see me!

Meeting Queenie

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my mum again, she was so much smaller than I remember from when I was a little puppy. I didn’t recognize her smell either so I had to give her a good sniff so I remember better  for next time. I’m a lot bigger and taller than her now, I weigh 26kg and she is only 19kg, but somehow she still knew how to put me in my place and boss me around. I guess that’s what mums do!

When the other humans and their Border Collie arrived in their car we drove to the park so I could show my mum my favourite pond and how good I am at swimming. It turns out that I’ve inherited my love of fetch from her – but all my swim training paid off when I beat her a couple of times when we had to swim to fetch the stick or ball.

Entlebucher Interviews

The other humans were really nice and asked Kristina lots of questions about the Entlebucher breed, and whether there will be any Entle puppies available soon. Kristina told them about the UK Entlebucher Mountain Dog Club’s puppy plans for the near future, and asked them lots of questions in return to see if they would be suitable Entle owners. In the meantime I did some interviewing of my own, checking out their ear scratching and stick throwing skills. They got top marks for both so I hope they will get a puppy of their own soon.

Check out some more photos from our day out yesterday here on Flickr.


My mum (right) and I both like swimming and playing fetch



  1. Inga says

    Hi Alfie!

    That’s a wonderful series of photos you put on Flickr, I enjoyed them so much! And I can tell that you had a lot of fun with your mum…
    By the way, it’s pretty amazing that you’ve grown so much bigger than Queenie!!

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