Impawtant Question – Is your Christmas Stocking up yet?

dear_santa_paws_i_can_explain_christmas_stocking_entlebucher-mountain -dog

"Dear Santa Paws, I can Explain everything" - this stocking is pawfect for all Entles out there who love a little mischief *waggy tail*

Impawtant Question ahead of Christmas

Rooo listen up all my Entlebucher Mountain Dog buddies – I have an impawtant question to ask you all.

Is your Christmas stocking up yet?

What, its too early you say?

Well, there’s a reason I ask now and not Christmas week.

You see, its is very impawtant that Santa Paws knows exactly where to put all your toys, goodies and chews and you want to make sure that he doesn’t confuse *your* stocking with *somebody else’s* and you might have to start planning ahead now.

stocking-bribes-chimney-entlebucher-mountain dog

"I don't care if he brings a sack full of bribes, there will be no fat man coming down the chimney on my watch" - pawfect stocking for all dutiful Entles out there. Personalise with your own name!

Personalise with your own dog’s name

Luckily I have a range of Christmas stockings in my shop that will show Santa Paws exactly which stocking belongs to the goood Entlebucher Mountain Dog. You can even add your own name to some of them, how pawsome is that? *Waggy tail*

Check them all out below, and in my Entle Christmas shop.


"The Barking Reindeer" - Pawsome allrounder stocking for any Entle owner





entlebucher mountain dog -sleigh-santa-stocking

Dear Santa Paws, Wouldn’t it be nice to have Entlebucher Mountain Dogs pulling your sleigh this year?" Pawsome stocking for Entles looking to get a job with Santa, or for any Entle lover. Personalise with your own dog's name...



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