Alfie’s Christmas Card Bloopers – Part 1. (The one with the Unwilling Entlebucher Reindeer!)



Is this really needed?

Every year the humans send Christmas cards to their friends and family. Sometimes they buy the cards in the shops and sometimes they choose a favourite photograph or two from the previous year to use.

This year my human had a really bright idea, it went something like this.

[UPDATE: since writing this post I have now created a fun range of Christmas cards that are on sale in my Entlebucher shop on Cafe Press – you’re welcome to sniff them out! *waggy tail*]

The Unwilling Dog Model

‘Alfie come here boy’.

‘Rooooo I’m on my way’, I replied as I ran through the flat to find her, thinking there might be an emergency and she needed Entlebucher assistance.

Then I spotted the camera and I knew there was no emergency. All I’d have to do is posing nicely until she got bored of pointing that stoopid flash machine at me – and there’s always treats involved in these tasks, so its well worth my time and effort.

‘Alfie, could you please put these antlers on and go sit over there against the wall?’ She smiled at me and held out a pair of children’s reindeer antlers.

That’s it I thought. She’s lost her mind.

As if I’d EVER would put on antlers. Its completely against Mountain Dog protocol, and besides it would ruin my image as the cool dude on the block.

I rooo’d a loud protest, and turned away to run back to my comfy spot on the sofa when she *grabbed* me  by the collar and lead me into her home made studio in the kitchen.

‘Now sit still and be a good boy’, she stuffed a treat in my mouth and slid the antlers over my ears. Before I knew it I had turned into a tricoloured reindeer, and the camera started flashing.

The treat was pawsome – really meaty and chewy, just the way I like them and I chewed it slowly and completely ignored the humans instructions to ‘smile’ and ‘do this’ and ‘that’ for the camera.

I wonder if I could reach that treat bag…

Finishing Up

After a while the human fell into a big pile of giggles and put the camera down.

‘Alfie, you’re the cutest little reindeer in the world,’ she said and gave me a big hug and  kiss on my nose.

Cute? Bah, I’d rather look cool in my Christmas cards I thought but by then she’d already stuffed my mouth with another treat so I didn’t protest.

Seriously, you want me to do this?

What about the Christmas cards then?

I guess she must have managed to get some good photos out of the shoot, because she’s sent them off to be printed and we’ll be sharing them here on my blog every Sunday leading up to Christmas. I guess my image is ruined forever, but at least I got some yummy treats out of it! *Waggy tail*

Until Sunday’s big reveal – here are some bloopers from the shot – enjoy *waggy tail*



How this for capturing the Christmas Spirit? *waggy tail*






  1. says

    OH ‘Dear’ Alfie !!
    The pictures are pawsome. I love them all … because I just really want to pull those antlers off your head *wag wag wag* They look like fun.

  2. says

    I am a goofball by nature so I don’t mind when mom makes me look like a fool. It makes her happy, so I am happy :) You look cute but trust me, I understand how you feel ;)

  3. Julie Anne says

    I love your writing, and the pictures are too cute. If I tried that with my two boys, Tucker would give me dirty looks and Casper would try to knock them off every chance he got.

    So this Christmas Santa Paws came to our house. After watching the movie Santa Paws, I swore up and down that Casper was Santa Paws so my friend bought me a dog costume for Christmas.

    She got large expecting it to fit because in our opinion Casper is a medium size dog. While after a belt extension I did mention to get it to fit but it was tight, so a couple shots then it was off. Before the belt extension the belt just fit my shih tzu lhasa apso.

    Here is a picture of the suit on the shih tzu lhasa apso, BooBoo:

    Here is a couple pictures of the suit on Casper:

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