Come Sniff out the Best of My 2013 – One Tail Wagging Year to Remember


Roooo what a tail wagging year 2013 has been. I’ve had so much fun and met so many new friends, both online and in real life. I’ve started agility classes, been swimming in the sea and I’ve even moved across the big pond to America! *Waggy tail*

Then, there’s the small matter of the v-e-t….. I’ve been there more times than I’d like to count this year – I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy having so much fun all the time like me!

Come on – grab my tail and I’ll walk you through what I’ve been up to this year *Waggy tail*.

January – New Den & a Pawsome Scar

Oh yeah - I'm cool

Oh yeah – I’m cool

January was a big month for me. My humans and I moved den, and then I signed up for agility classes with my sister Bella. But then my stoopid sister had to stand in the way for me when I chased after the ball so I ended up at the vets and got five stitches in my eye brow. Rooo, gotta say though – the girl dogs were very impressed with my pawsome scar! *Waggy tail*

February – More Agility and posing


I continued my agility classes and we finally got to run a whole circuit – it was pawsome *Waggy tail*. Bella and I went to see our lil cousin Tucker on the beach and then I posed and chillaxed a lot for the camera and managed to convince my human that I wasn’t really into mischief anymore *waggy tail*.




March – New Pal from Australia and a New Sniffer Game



In March a had such a good idea for extending my daily walk – its a pawsome sniffer game that all dogs should learn. Then I met a new labrador friend from Australia and I protected him from a mean dog in the park. No one messes with my pack! *Waggy tail*

April – How Do I even Start to Explain?


My sisters Bonnie and Bella

Roooo April was totally bonkers. It started off with a pawsome doggie birthday pawty for my sister Bella and the rest of my younger sisters and brothers – but then I had to go back to the vets again after I stole a packet of flap jacks full of raisins.  Luckily my humans had booked a holiday later in the month so I could rest up – and I was happily surprised they had booked a cottage on a sheep farm! *Waggy tail*.

Roooo I do not take any bribes...unless its chicken, chewbones or a b-a-l-l

Roooo I do not take any bribes…unless its chicken, chewbones or a b-a-l-l


May – Dog Biscuits and Bearded Collies

Still looking for dog biscuits...

Still looking for dog biscuits…

In May my human told me I could run through a field of dog biscuits and I believed her. Then instead of bicsuits, I quite literally ran into a beardie and hurt my leg – rooooo and back to the dreaded vet we went.

Look - I brought my own blanket, so I can stay in your bed now, right?

Look – I brought my own blanket, so I can stay in your bed now, right?

June – Doggie Chairs & My Scent Hound sister


Just the right size for an Entle butt

June was the month when they installed big comfy doggie chairs in my local park *Waggy tail*. My little sister Bella discovered her nose and took off, and later I invited Bella and Bonnie for a pawsome run on the beach.

entlebucher-mountain-dog-beach-3429July – Hot, hot, hot


 July was such a pawsome hot month my human took me swimming almost every day. It wasn’t all fun and games though – we got stuck in traffic on the motorway in the sun for hours one day and I think the heat drove the cat on my street completely crazy – she decided it was a good idea to sneak into the car where Bella and I were waiting! *Waggy tail*

August – All about Photos and Entlebuchers

My lil sister Cleo watching and learning from her older siblings...

My lil sister Cleo watching and learning from her older siblings…

In August it was time to send our best photos to the dog photographer of the year competition again and my readers helped us choose which photos to enter *Waggy tail*. Then later in the month I met up with my younger siblings for a pawsome day out in the sun and teaching the little ones some pawsome mischief.

Me, overlooking my pawsome kingdom - one of the photos we submitted to DPOTY

Me, overlooking my pawsome kingdom – one of the photos we submitted to DPOTY

September – Getting in Touch with My Inner Puppy


In September I learned that at three years of age I still look like a puppy and I could still get away with mischief using the puppy card *Waggy tail*.

October – Moving to California

Bella and I - obligatory birthday mud bath!

Bella and I – obligatory birthday mud bath!

In October I announced to my pawsome blog readers that I would be moving from London, UK to San Francisco, CA – and everyone wagged their tails a little extra and wished me luck ahead of my flight. I was really sad to leave my buddies Archie and Bella behind, but they both turned up for my birthday pawty to say good bye. The weekend before leaving I went to the Entlebucher club’s fun day and met up with the rest of my Entle pals – they all had lots of advice for living in the US.

November – Air Planes and Sticks

DDH_6383 (1)

In November my human wrote about my flight over to California and told everyone how worried she had been before the flight, and what a cool dude I was during transit. I started to discover some pawsome parks and beaches here in San Francisco and met some new Entle friends *Waggy tail*. I also started to get involved in saving the off leash areas here in San Francisco.

Then, I had a really unfortunate encounter with a stick and hurt my throat really badly – and after going to the emergency vets I was drugged up for a couple of days, and the humans wouldn’t let me near a stick again.

Why sticks are dangerous to dogsDecember – New Digs, New Blog

In December our furniture had finally arrived from the UK and we could move into our own flat here in San Francisco – it was real pawsome to have my favourite sofa, and old toys back *Waggy tail*. As soon as we were settled in our new digs, I put my paw down and demanded that my human re-designed my blog, and I was quite pleased with the result.


Cartoon Me

I supervised the Thanksgiving celebrations at our friends’s place and nearly got my paws on the turkey.  Later in the month I met up with my pal Snoopy from Snoopy’s Blog and we discussed mischief strategies for the new year *Waggy tail*

Alfie roasting in front of the fire

As you can tell – I’ve had quite a busy year and reading through it all I’m starting to think that I deserve  a pawsome holiday! What’s your 2013 been like? *Waggy tail*



  1. says

    Alfie, you had a year FULL of fun and excitement (and trips to the vet)! I sure hope 2014 brings more of the same – except for trips to the vet. Those are no fun at all.
    *high paw*

  2. says

    My goodness Alfie, I think you’ve had enough visits to the vet for the rest of your life! I say 2014 should be vet free. Welcome to California! What a wonderful sum up of the year. I’m so happy to have become doggie-cyber friends. Cooper the Cattledog

  3. says

    Alfie, I must say that it’s shocking to see a whole year’s worth of mischief in one place. When I read about it a little bit at a time, that’s one thing. But your year in review has me really worried about what you’ll be up to in 2014. Especially after your scheming sessions with Snoopy.

    Let’s hope the new year at least has you seeing less of the vet.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Inga says

    ‘Never a dull moment’- that’s for sure !!!
    What an impressive account of your 2013!
    I do agree with many of your friends, that it would be pawsome if visits to the vet would happen a bit less frequently in 2014 though ;-))
    And I’m looking forward very much to reading about many more Alfie-adventures this year!

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