Squeaky ponies and rabies


Guess what – I’m getting my own passport so I can go with my humans on holidays in Europe. I’ve just come back from the vets and she explained that I’ll get my very own passport as soon as I pass my rabies vaccine test.

She said I can choose a photo to put in there which is really cool, but I forgot to ask her if I get to sign it with a paw print too? I will continue to practice with muddy paw prints on the floor just in case.
On our way out of the vets I got to choose my own toy as a reward for good behavior – I picked a squeaky little horse. It is delicious and also works as a soft pillow for puppy naps…


  1. Inga says

    That is very good news Alfie!!
    Just make sure you get that paw print done to perfection – we don't want the security people to get nervous and make a fuss when you enter the country!

    See you soon!!

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