One Totally Pawsome Week of Walkies and Hikes

Pawsome Views - Marin Headlands

Pawsome Views – Marin Headlands

Sniffing out some pawsome trails

Roooooo guess what? Some of my friends came all the way from the UK to San Francisco to celebrate New Year’s Eve with me – how pawsome is that? Okay so they might have planned to see my humans while they were here too, but I made a really nice walkies itinerary for their stay. You know, just making sure they had a good time while they’re here to see us *waggy tail*

I wanted to show them some of the most pawsome off leash hikes and parks that I’ve sniffed out here in and around San Francisco, and we even found some new trails – sniff them out:


Sniffing out the trails in Redwood Regional Park

Sniffing out the trails in Redwood Regional Park

Quick Stop in Buena Vista Dog Run

Quick Stop in Buena Vista Dog Run


Fort Funston’s Pawsome Beach


I know they love artsy stuff so I took them to the Dog Buddha

We had time for a game of fetch at Crissy Field

We had time for a game of fetch at Crissy Field

After a totally pawsome week of hiking and sniffing around trails here in the bay area I was a very happy and sleepy pup. So when our friends set off to the airport to go back home, I made my way back to the sofa to snuggle up for a long afternoon nap. But roooo guess what happened – my favourite seat was already taken!

As you can tell I had no other choice than to crawl up on top *Waggy tail*


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  1. Inga says

    Your friends must have had the best visit ever thanks to your guidance!
    What a great place, San Francisco, and all those beautiful beaches and forests!
    Well deserved afternoon nap, I’d say!!

  2. says

    Wow! Those were some pawesome hikes and walks! You must have been exhausted after all the fun. It looks like you didn’t mind sharing the sofa at all. It’s such a cute photo, Alfie.
    Happy Monday,

  3. says

    No matter where we live, humans eventually take the beauty around them for granted. Dogs are lucky because special places smell new every day.

    But if you keep inviting friends to visit, your humans won’t forget what a special place you live in.

    We’re freezing cold and very jealous of your nice walks.

  4. says

    That was so nice of you to make sure they had a great stay, and those trails look amazing! Even a trip to the beach. I’m jealous…

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