Fetch Banned in San Francisco: Final Call to Have your Say!



Deadline 18 February

You might remember that Alfie wrote about the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s new dog management plan which involves cutting where dogs can run off leash on GGNRA lands in the San Francisco Bay Area by nearly 90%? 

We have until 18 February to comment on the plan (they extended the deadline).


Click the pic for a downloadable and printable high res PDF version of this poster. Please share!

Just the thought of closing down our favourite parks for dog walking makes me feel sick to my stomach – where would Alfie go for a good game of fetch?

Nearly 50% of all households in San Francisco have a dog and yet most of them don’t even know about the impeding ban so please help us share this information far and wide.

Alfie and I have printed the new pawsome poster (left) and shared it in our favourite parks already.

The below video explains the problem in more detail:

Here’s what you can do to help

Visit ‘Save Off Leash Website’ – they have updated it and its really easy to find all the information you need to send comments to GGNRA. They have supplied sample letters/comments to make it as easy as possible for you to let GGNRA know what you think about their new dog management plan.

Thanks for reading this – lets keep SF fetch friendly!



  1. says

    Oh man, we love our (limited) off leash areas over here in the San Diego area. I hope this doesn’t pass, and I will share the info. We want all dogs to be able to play fetch like we did this morning!

  2. randy says

    I may not be the best person for DOG lovers but I can say that sure DOG should have to have a leash on in food areas, stores,and shopping areas due to so much going on that there is no way to know what might set off a pet. BUT on the same token these pets still need a place where they have run and play off leash as well. Taking this away is not really fair at all. People need these places where they can play and run .. Also on the same token I have seen owners in parks too busy to pay attention to their pet/pets and trouble follows. IF the dog is off leash the owners should be around to keep close attention …Those r my opinions

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