Impawtant Announcement: I’m moving to…..


Alie and a bunch of San Francisco Guide BooksRooo so I know I was a little cheeky when I posted a teaser on Wednesday, asking my readers to guess what I’m up to later this month. But boy did you guys have some pawsome guesses, check ‘em out!

“Are you moving to SF?”

“Are you going to be in the starting lineup of the 49ers?! That would rock! Would it improve their game?”

“Alfie are coming to our side of the big pond?”

“I’m going to go all-out with my guess: new mascot for the team?! Because that would be huge and super awesome.”

“Are you visiting SF? Or maybe…are you going to be the mascot for the 49ers?
Or maybe…SF stands for Science Fiction and you’re traveling back in time to 1949.”

“Are you coming to the states and going to a football game?”

So what’s the deal, then?

So who was right? I love the idea of being the 49ers new mascot and it would be totally pawsome, but those of you who saw my bright red bandana and guessed that perhaps I’m about to move to San Francisco were spot on. I will speak to the 49ers when I’m there and I’m sure they will need an Entlebucher on their team too *waggy tail*.

I’m moving to San Francisco

I’m taking my whole pack over to San Francisco later this month and it’ll be totally pawsome. Its a big move as we’re living on the other side of the big pond right now. I already have one doggie friend in California, Snoopy from Snoopy’s Blog, and one of my Facebook friends said they live close to San Francisco with two Entlebucher Mountain Doggies who want to meet me, isn’t that just pawsome? *Waggy tail*.

Of course I’m really going to miss my doggie friends here in the UK. It will be especially difficult to say good bye to my sister  & bestest buddie Bella. But she is fully trained in mischief now and soon she will be allowed to breed and have little puppies of her own to train.

Alfie sniffing out the San Francisco guidebooks

As you can see I’ve read all the guidebooks about my new digs and now I want to hear everything you guys know about good doggie places in and around San Francisco & the Bay Area so I can sniff them out when I get there! *waggy tail*





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    Wow – that IS big news. Best wishes for you big move and welcome to ‘The States’. We’re completely across the country so no words of SF advice for you but I understand the city is very pet friendly. I think you’ll love it there.

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    That is exciting, Alfie! I’m on the other side of the country too, but I think there’s a few bloggers in CA that might have some advice. Hope you will have a safe trip, that is a big move and you must have lots to do!

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    Welcome to the club! I moved from the UK to Germany and then to the USA, but Minnesota. It will be a huge adjustment as things are very different, and some dogs may make fun of your barking with a British accent but you will like it for sure and the weather is much better! When are you moving? You could go to BlogPaws in May in Vegas…I’m going with Mom. I’m really excited for you. Give me a howl if you have any questions about moving across the pond as a dog!

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