Monday Mischief – The one with a little Agility Mischief learning the Front Cross



As you might know I’ve been going to an absolutely pawsome agility class for a couple of months now and my younger sister Bella and I are getting really good. Our humans are not always up to our standard – and they can be quite uncoordinated too which is soooo funny *Waggy tail*

The Front Cross

Last week we were meant to learn front crosses. The humans had already had special, separate lessons to learn their steps and now we were going to try and add us dogs to the mix. The ‘Agility Nerd‘ blog describes the front cross like this:

‘The Front Cross is a handling maneuver that, like all crosses, is used to allow the handler to change from one side of the dog to the other or to initiate/maintain a turn in the dog’s path. The human takes four steps: Step forward, pivot, step back, and step forward. The dog only follows behind. Easy peasy.’

Bella and I had seen the humans practice the steps and we decided to add a little mischief to the class – watch my video and see if you can spot what we did? *Waggy tail*



  1. says

    Did you try to go on the wrong side to confooose your poor human. Don’t you know we humans are easily confoosed!

    That’s some good mischief you guys got up to!

  2. says

    I would be no good whatsoever at agility. I would get so tangled up in my own legs that the dogs would just stand and laugh at me. :) Good job Alfie and Bella!

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    Wow that looks like great fun! Typist got a bit excited the other day – she has bought some at home agility stuff for her dog and can’t wait to try it out!

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