More Agility – the See Saw was definitely up to Mischief


Rooo I had to go to agility lesson on my own last week as my lil sis Bella was in season and had to stay home. I had such a pawsome time without her though – she will be so jealous when she sees my video.

More Weaving

I continued to learn about weaving. So far I haven’t actually weaved at all, but the humans keep moving the weaving poles closer and closer together, and then I think the plan is to give me more treats so that I start wiggling my way between the poles – treats are always a good thing.

The See Saw

Some doggies are really scared of the see saw because it makes a lot of noise when it slams down –  so the humans have let me slam my paws down on it for a couple of lessons now, just to make sure I don’t get spooked. As if I would be a scaredy pup! Last week, they finally let me climb up it and it was easy peasy – all I had to do was follow the treat in front of my nose *pawsome*.

But when I was at the top, something strange happened. The part I was standing on top of started moving down towards the ground! Rooo ooooo noone told me that would happen – so I had to lay down just to feel a bit steadier on my feet. And the humans laughed at me, can you believe it? I’d like to see them dare to do the same trick – didn’t think so *waggy tail*.

I’m calling mischief on the humans and the see saw this week -what have you been up to? *waggy tail*

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    I think lying down on the see-saw is genius! Typist dog loves the see-saw and the long walk (she thinks that’s what it’s called) he doesn’t get the weave yet – although he’s not been introduced to it in the same way as you so… interesting!

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