My Second Agility Class was Pawsome – but my Human needs More Training


Pawsome Agility

Rooooo I had such a pawsome time yesterday. My human and I took the train to my sister Bella’s place again, and then it was time for agility class!

My human is so hopeless, she can never find her way anywhere so I took the lead and showed the humans where to go. Once in the doggie school building I woofed a quick hello to the trainer and then headed straight to the double doors leading into the class room. I was so keen to start my class that I ran straight up to the arena where they keep all the agility equipment.

My Second Class

Our trainer is absolutely pawsome. She told us that Bella and I already know this agility stuff, and her job is just to teach our humans how to ‘handle’ us, whatever that means. To prove her point, she borrowed me and showed my human how to steer me around three jumps placed in a triangle. No problem – I jumped them perfectly and in the right order *waggy tail*.

But then it was my humans turn to ‘drive’ and boy was I embarrassed. She had strict instructions to stay within the triangle and simply throw the treats where I needed to go, but she was suffering from some sort of confusion, or lets call it stupidity. She threw the treats too soon, or too late, and I got really confused and ran up to her instead of across the jump. It took her ages to get the hang of it.

Bella’s human got it straight away and of course Bella showed off, jumping perfectly. Nevermind – it was her third lesson afterall, so she was practically cheating! *Waggy tail*

Video of my Second Agility Class

The Tunnel

Then we went to the tunnel and for some reason I had to run through it to get my treats. Anyone could see that the shortest route to the liver treats was not though the tunnel, but hey – sometimes a dog’s just gotta do what a dog’s gotta do!

Then it was Bella’s turn, and of course she ran through the tunnel perfectly on the first attempt. I realised then that she had been cheating more than I thought all along, watching me go first and copying my moves afterwards. Annoying little sister!

Video of Bella’s Third Agility Class

The A-frame

The A-frame was definitely my favourite. I ran and I ran and I ran, not even my stoopid human-driver  could slow me down – it was pawsome!

I really love agility class – have you ever tried it?




  1. says

    Very cool. I think you’re doing awesome, Alfie. And so is your human. Geez, she’s only been at this twice, give her a break. ;)

    It is interesting to watch how a normal dog learns agility. It took us months to get Bella to go through the tunnel (months of practicing at home even). One difference I notice as well is that your trainer can help handle you with your mom. Bella’s trainer can sometimes get her to work with her now but she would never have been able to take Bella’s leash so early in our course.

    You’re going to be an agility rock-star, Alfie, I can tell already. And I am very much looking forward to watching you go. Just remember: have fun. :)

  2. says

    Rooo Thanks for stopping by Leslie. I think your Bella is awfully brave to go to agility classes and she is doing really well. As you know I’m a real bouncy pup, so my humans biggest problem will be to control where I’m running to, and what I’m jumping over! *waggy tail*

    I will keep you posted on how it all goes!

  3. Inga says

    Wonderful to see the two of you – and your humans! – learning all these skills! After all the ‘obstacles’ when starting agility class, you’re finally off on a great start!
    And you’ll all learn fast, I’m sure; it’s too much fun not to!

  4. says

    Hi, and Voff Alfie!!!
    Cool Videos … what a scary tunnel.
    I think you’re great!!! … and it looks nice with all that treats!!!
    I agree with Leslie … you are an Agility RockStar!!! <3
    … and Bella is an AgilityPrincess.

  5. says

    I think I would have been really good at it but since I did not start when I was young and I am now 6 it is a bit late. We just play games sometimes out on our walks that have agility like stuff. My sister tried it as a pup and was asked to leave as she was only interested in disturbing the other dogs and playing ;)

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