Back to Agility Class (and just a little bit of Mischief)


Me and my human

My agility class started again last week and it was totally pawsome to be back. Bella and I are still in the beginners class, but the way I see it its only a matter of time before we’re competing against the border collies at Crufts *Waggy tail*

This week’s class

This week we started learning about weaving, and how to stop at the bottom of the A frame. We also got a chance to run a whole circuit and woof was that pawsome or what. I was totally focused on my human and did everything exactly right (obviously), so I didn’t hear Bella whisper her plans to me.

Waiting to go in the tunnel

Just a little bit of mischief

Turns out Bella had been planning an evening of totally pawsome mischief and woof is she good at it or what. I felt my heart swell with pride when I saw her practice everything I’ve taught her . She was running away from her human ignoring her recall orders, she climbed the A frame and barked and you should have seen what she did with the tunnel! *waggy tail*

Actually – you can see what she did because I filmed it all – make sure you hang on to the deleted scenes!





  1. says

    Loved the video! I have often thought of taking my dog to agility class, but most of the time when he’s off leash he wants to play and not return to me. But after watching Bella, I’m thinking I worry too much about the wrong thing! LOL I loved her standing on top of the tunnel, she looked so happy! Happy Monday! Thanks for hosting!

  2. says

    She would be a great partner for my sister that did the same thing in her agility class until she was asked to leave BOL!

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