Reviewing Pooch Pack – A Monthly Subscription Box of Dog Goodies


Roo I really love my job as a dog sometimes. Like when a big box of goodies turn up with my name on it, and they want me to review the stuff inside! *waggy tail*.

This time around I’m reviewing a monthly subscription service of dog goodies called Pooch Pack. You might remember that I reviewed their competitors Fings for Fido a while back (you can read my review of Fings for Fido here), so I was really excited to see how the two services compare.

Sniffing out Pooch Pack’s website

I started out by having a sniff around on Pooch Pack’s website – I looked at previous month’s boxes and I was impressed by their selections. They seem to choose slightly more durable and higher quality doggie products than the ones I received from Fings For Fido.

As an example, in previous boxes they have included vet recommended doggie biscuits from Hungry Hector (they are super pawsome!), environmentally friendly Becoball toys, venison treats from Billy and Margot and some super durable toys from one of my favourite toy suppliers West Paw. So top barks for content selection for Pooch Pack – perfect for big bouncy puppies like myself who need durable toys, and prefer high quality treats.

When I reviewed Fings for Fido’s box, I did break the  toys included within a couple of minutes (athough I did have a pawsome couple of minutes playing!), but I think that might be more a reflection of my playing style than a sign of bad quality toys. Apparently some dogs are gentle with their toys *waggy tail*.

My human though I should also mention that one thing she really liked about the Fings for Fido box, was the doggie magazine they included, the Pooch Pack seem to only focus on the dog which I think is totally pawsome.

I wasn’t able to compare the prices of the two services as I couldn’t find them on Fings for Fido’s website *rooo ooo*.

Reviewing my March Box

I received the March box from Poch Pack which included the following goodies:

  • The Jolly Egg from Jolly Pets. This egg is an erratically rolling, hard to pin ball designed with the idea of constant movement in mind.
  • Ziwipeak ‘Good Dog’ Lamb Treats.  These lamb treats contain only the purest New Zealand natural ingredients.
  • Hungry Hounds Bakery Easter Chick Biscuits  – these chick shaped biscuits are made with organic wholewheat flour, natural peanut butter, honey and free range egg.
  • Stuffing free Rabbit from House of Paws.
  • K9 Highland Dog Chew - a dog chew made entirely of cheese
The rabbit without stuffing was just pawsome – it had little squeakers, and it was long enough to shake about. Because there was no stuffing inside it, it didn’t explode into a cloud of fluffy white stuff like most toys do within minutes when I play with them. The lamb treats tasted absolutely pawsome, and I shared the Easter Chick biscuits with my sister Bella. We both loved them.
The jolly egg was a completely new cattle of fish. Its like a ball, but it doesn’t behave like a ball at all. It was too big for me to get my mouth around it and it bounced all over the place. I decided it was a very badly behaved ball and rooo’d at it. Then I gave it to my little sister Bella who is yet to tell me her verdict of the naughty toy *Waggy tail*.
The cheesy chews went down a treat – it wasn’t quite as chewy as a rawhide, but it lasted a loooong time – longer than a pig’s ear *Waggy tail*


All in all I think the Pooch Pack delivers a really good quality selection box of dog goodies, for discerning pooches like myself. I really like the fact that they choose good quality products, both for the treats as well as the toys.

My human agrees and says, although she would have enjoyed getting a magazine or something doggie related for humans in the box (like the Fings for Fido box) – she would prefer to sign me up for Pooch Pack as they have more suitable products for doggies like myself who love high end treats and durable toys.

That’s it – review is all done and I still have another cheese chew to gnaw *pawsome*



  1. Inga says

    Sounds like really good stuff, all of it!
    And you’ve done a very detailed review – me thinks that you’ve definitively earned every one of those yummy treats!!

  2. says

    Nice. Mom says she might order up one of these monthly package services for my birthday if I am a good girl but that is a long way off and I don’t know if I can behave myself that long. Have fun with that stuff especially the egg!

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