Reviewing Fings For Fido – A Monthly Subscription of Dog Goodies



My box from Fings for Fido

When Lola Dog from Fings for Fido emailed me to ask if I’d like to review one of her goodie boxes I got so excited that I nearly knocked the humans over with my waggy tail.

I went straight to her website to check out what I was about to receive:

Regular Box:

“Each box consists of between 4-6 goodies which may include hygiene or grooming products, gadgets, handmade biscuits, treats, toys, training aids and more! The RRP of our boxes will always exceed what you would pay.”

Sounded absolutely pawsome and I settled in waiting for the mail to arive.

My human explained that Fings For Fido delivers monthly boxes of goodies to good doggies all over the UK. The boxes come in regular and large sizes so humans with more than one fur baby get enough treats for everyone. A regular sized box is £16.99, and the large box is £23.99. I wonder if my pocket money can cover that *waggy tail*

The treat bone

What I thought about my box

The box arrived and I gave it a good sniff over. There was some home made dog biscuits, sea jerky, two soft toys and one treat bone in it. And there was a magazine for my human too – really? I thought it would all be for me?! *Waggy tail*

The treat bone was lots of fun – my human filled it with little treats and I spent ages trying to get them out of the bone. Then I played with and shredded the soft toys before going back to the treat bone. It was absolutely pawsome!

I still have a whole bag of sea jerky to keep me going and lots of yummy biscuits – then I’m hoping my human will get some cool ideas for new games to play together from the magazine *pawsome*.


What my human thought about the box

My human said she was pleasantly surprised by the magazine and quite enjoyed reading it along with the newsletter that had lots of fun tips and ideas for dog owners.

She said the box seemed like really good value for money – if she would have gone to the pet shops to buy the same stuff it would have cost a whole lot more than £16.99. She also said she’s really tempted to sign me up for a monthly box as its quite nice to get a surprise in the post every month.

She had one suggestion for Lola Dog though – how about making a third box option with really durable toys? She said she’d happily pay a little more for a monthly subscription of toys that have been made for professional toy shredders like me *Waggy tail*.

All in all we’d definitely recommend trying a box from Fings for Fido - they also do one off gift boxes for Birthdays, and gift certificates too in case you’d like to surprise a doggy friend *waggy tail*.

Roooo – look at me, I have lipstick on! *waggy tail*

Two seconds before I reached the stuffing inside!









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