A Pawsome Bag for Dog Walking: Reviewing a ‘Slingback’ Rucksack with Pockets for Poo bag rolls, toys and more


Demonstrating the bag

I love walkies. The only problem is that it takes ages before my human is ready to walk out of that door. She says she needs to ‘pack my bag’, even if we’re just going for a walk on the common. I told her I’m a dog and I don’t need a bag, but apparently there are certain things that she always wants to bring along:

This is what we usually carry along on our dog walks:

  • Water for Dog and humans + bowl
  • Toy (ball, ball, ball! Often gets really muddy)
  • Poo Bags
  • An extra jumper or raincoat (the weather changes quickly and it rains often here in London)
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Dog Treats (for training sessions)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Dog Lead
She has always been on the look out for that ‘perfect’ rucksack for all my stuff, and she got really excited a couple of weeks ago when one of her friends mentioned the Paws 4 Design bag for dog walks and she asked me if we could review the bag on my blog.

What’s so special about this dog walking bag?

This rucksack like bag is specially designed for dog owners and it has clever compartments and pockets for everything you might need to bring along on your dog walk.

  • Dog poop bin – this is a water resistant storage bag with pull cord located in the top of the bag, and the pouch can be removed and washed separately. My human ended up using this compartment for my muddy tennis balls!
  • Poop bag dispenser- it comes with a roll of enormous poo bags for dogs the size of dinosaurs, but it also works just fine for standard size poo rolls.
  • Handy wipe pocket
  • Compartment for toys and treats –  that’s in the bottom compartment & it has a clever, inner layer that can be washed separately. My human ended up putting my waterbowl and bottle in this compartment.
  • Compartments for your personal items – there is enough space for a jumper inside the main compartment of the bag, and a small zipped pocket on either side of the bag – pawfect for wallet, keys and phone.
  • Lead clip for when your dog is allowed to roam – we used this d-clip to attach my treat bag.

What did we think?

My human thought the bag was very well designed , and the clever compartments can be used for a whole range of doggie stuff – the bag adapts to your needs. The bag is really sturdy and seems to be of good, durable quality.

There were only two things we didn’t quite like about the bag. It would have been great if there was a holder for a water bottle to stand upright either on the inside or on the outside of the bag – we used the bottom compartment for my water, but its not ideal if your bottle starts leaking even though the compartment is waterproof. (After I posted this review, the makers of the bag contacted me to say that inside the bag is a zip that open the two pockets into one so you can carry a bottle or flask – whoopsy, must have missed that!).

Secondly, the bag is one of those rucksack style bags but with one shoulder strap – great if you’re used to this sort of bag, but my human thinks it can be slightly uncomfortable for longer walks if you’re not so used to carrying all the weight on one shoulder. Similar bag styles are often used for photography equipment where you need to access cameras and accessories quickly, and the makers of the doggie bag say that the slingback model makes it a doddle to swing the bag around and reach those poop bags quickly and without having to take the bag off. A quick survey amongst my human friends revealed that some people preferred slingbacks, and others preferred rucksacks. What can I say – humans! *Waggy tail*

You can sniff out the Paws 4 Designs Dog Walk Bag here - tell them Alfie says woof!

Roo I don’t really mind what sort of bag my human uses as long as my toys get to come along for the walk! *waggy tail*

A Special waterproof pocket for my muddy toys!


Disclaimer: I did not get paid to write this review and the opinions in this blog post are all my own – I did however receive the rucksack for free.



  1. says

    Looks like a nice bag, especially the poop part which would be handy. I am getting my own pack so I can carry my stuff. Human is getting lazy I guess!

  2. says

    Looks pretty good to me, mummy carries a small bag with her when we go out but its not big enough for everything so she ends up carrying the water bottle and then she can never find what she needs in the bag BOL

  3. says

    Another great review – you are going to have to stop doing them or typist will run out of pocket money. She has been looking for a bag she can throw everything into when she goes out walking!

  4. says

    What a clever bag! It’s easy to pack poo bags when they’re empty or toys when they’re clean. I prefer sling bags like this so I will definitely check it out. Thanks.

  5. says

    I’ve always used a doggie backpack or one of the doog walkie belts depending where we are going. How does this ruck sack compare do you think?

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