Have You Met My Human Yet?

Meet the Pet Bloggers Hop

Meet the Blogger

Roooo so I have been told that we’re taking part in a ‘one off’ blog hop called Meet the Blogger today. I thought it would be easy peasy, just another pawsome post about me – but it turns out this bloghop is all about meeting the humans behind the dogs, cats and other pets who blog.

I mean, seriously? Who the woof wants to read about them?

I told my human that sure, I’ll do her a favour and write about her, but that she shouldn’t be disappointed if noone reads the post.  After all – its my blog and people come here to read about my adventures *waggy tail*

So here we go, this one is about my human Linda who types up my blog for me.


Meet My Human

This is her – my human. She might not look like much, but she’s pretty useful to have around. Her name is Linda and she feeds me, takes me out for walkies and photographs my adventures and types up this blog for me. Her other uses include driving me to the pawsome parks I want to go to, carrying my toys and treats, and picking up my poop (I’m still not entirely sure why she does that, but it seems to make her happy).

The rules of the bloghop say that I need to answer a couple of questions about her now:

  • What’s your favorite non-animal related book? She’s a big fan of fantasy books – and she loves Robin Hobb’s books. I prefer chewing them.
  • What’s one thing she has to do every day? Apart from entertaining me and taking me out for walkies, she has to make a big cup of tea to wake up in the morning.  She likes the English Breakfast variety  with lots of milk and for no apparent reason she likes leaving the spoon in the cup.
  • Favorite meal? She loves italian food – pasta carbonara is her favourite. I like the smell of bacon *waggy tail*.
  • How is your pet most like you? Rooo we’re both incredibly stubborn and get terribly upset when we don’t get our way *waggy tail*
  • What drives you nuts about your pets? What melts your heart? Roooo she goes bonkers when I bark, but I know how to give her a ‘fly by surprise kiss’ on the mouth that always puts a smile back on her face *Waggy tail*

So there we go – you’ve practically met my human. Now join the bloghop and meet some more humans who work really hard keeping their pets’ blogs going! *Waggy tail*

PS. We are in the process of changing blog templates so sorry if my blog looks a little messy at the moment *waggy tail*

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  1. says

    Great to get to know more about Linda! I LOVE English breakfast tea too- it’s my favourite :) Not sure about the spoon though… Can’t wait to read more on this blog hop. My post is up too if you’re following the others:)

  2. says

    It was a pleasure to meet your personal assistant Linda, it looks like you have worked hard and have trained her well! Keep up the good work!

  3. says

    NIce to meet your typist – lol! I’m a tea drinker, too – coffee needs to have lots of milk and added flavouring for me to enjoy it.

  4. says

    OMG, I LOVE Robin Hobb! I actually went into a funk after finishing the Assassin’s trilogy. It reminded of when my childhood friend moved. And tell Alfie thanks for the giant arrow in the picture. I would have never guessed who’s who.

    • says

      Rooooo Kelley – My human told me that the Assasin’s trilogy is the first trilogy in a series of twelve books. So there you go, that’s your Christmas wish list sorted! *Waggy tail*

  5. says

    Is English Breakfast tea like Royal Milk Tea? That’s one of the few kinds of tea I can drink but I’m trying to expand my horizon’s :) Thanks for showcasing your mom, Alfie!

  6. says

    Oh what fun your human is Alfie!! I love how you pointed her out in the photo. :-) It’s fun learning about all the folks behind the scenes.

  7. says

    Thanks for letting us meet your mom today, Alfie! We love Italian food, too – especially on these cold winter days!

    We’re going to have to add those Robin Hobb’s books to our reading list. Thanks for the tips!

  8. says

    It was so nice seeing your human today, Alfie. Thanks for sharing your page with her.

    Good luck with the theme changeover. I love the Genesis theme but I still have a lot to do on mine to finish it up.

  9. says

    Such a pleasure to meet your human, Alfie. She sounds like an excellent assistant. I just hope that we can get our humans back behind the camera now that they’ve had a little share of the blogging fame. :-)

  10. says

    Alfie, thanks for doing such a great job of introducing your mom! She does a great job of typing for you :) So nice to finally see her!! Thanks for joining the blog hop!!

  11. says

    Hi Alfie! Nice to meet you and your human! Great answers! I kind of go bonkers when my dogs bark too, especially when they both get going and pawing at me at the same time and I am really comfy and busy doing something…or on the phone, they like to do it then! But good thing we love our dogs so much!

  12. says

    I had trouble getting on your blog the other day, maybe it was when you were in the middle of those changes. I love the background!
    It was very nice meeting your Mom, Alfie, thank you for sharing a little bit about her with us! Very nice photo of the two of you also!

  13. says

    Alfie, your human is perfectly lovely and it sounds like she does a spectacular job of taking care of you. I think more fly by surprise kisses are in order! Linda, it’s fantastic to meet you. Thank you very much for joining the hop.

  14. says

    Oh, I chuckled when you said no one would read this! Dear Alfie, even if your human isn’t a total rockstar like you, she is pretty cool. After all, have you ever considered just who guided you to complete and total awesomeness? BTW – pasta carbonara is heavenly. We love Italian food at Casa de Kolchak.

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