Winter Boots


I took my humans out for a pack walk in the new snow on Saturday. We went to the local park and boy was it worth the effort! The snow was fluffy and cold and I met lots of new friends in all shapes and sizes. The strangest one was made out of snow and had a traffic cone for a hat and tree branches for arms, and the smelliest were a pair of Basset hounds with windmill like tails. Their owners said they were registered weapons but I’m not sure whether she meant the dogs or their tails. Here’s a video from the park.

Three days into the snow I’m seriously considering getting myself some cool snow boots. Not because of the snow, I am an Entlebucher Mountain Dog after all, but but because of the grit and salt the humans put on the roads. Apparently its there so we won’t slip and slide on the ice, but I don’t think the council humans thought of their canine friends when they came up with that solution. Today when we went out for a walk I stepped onto a newly gritted sidewalk and my paws felt like they were on fire! The puppy emergency sirens went on immediately and were so loud my human had to carry me to a patch of fresh snow before someone called the police to report a puppy napping. My paws are feeling better now, but I think I’ll stay away from gritted roads for a while.


  1. Inga says

    I love the video that your humans made of your adventures in the park!
    I can see how you enjoy meeting new friends, it looks like it's lots of fun out there.
    I'm sorry to hear about the salt and grit hurting your paws. Have to tell you though, that I know from an experienced dog-friend named Sil, that doggie shoes aren't very comfortable either….
    Let's hope the stuff will disappear soon!

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