Toothbrush and worms

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Puppy Alfie asleep with toy

New toy is exhausting...

Its been quite a hectic week for both me and my humans. I’ve been trying to teach them to speak dog and although they are incredibly slow to learn it seems we are now finally making some progress. They now know to serve me food promptly after their own meals, all they seem to require in return is that I sit nicely and wait for them to put the bowl down.

They are also starting to get the hang of puppy play, although for some reason they don’t seem to like doing it the proper dog way. Nipping and chewing at their hands and clothes is so much fun and I really wish they would play along more. But for some reason they have really delicate skin and whimper as soon as I chew a little. They seem to prefer playing with something they call toys. But I have to be honest, there’s sometimes a trade off between doing dog stuff the proper way and getting those yummy treats they seem to have free access to. And I have to admit I’m starting to give in to their bribery.
My first visit to the vet went really well. She put me on the scales, squeezed and tickled me all over and gave my humans all sorts of advice on how to keep me healthy and well. I didn’t know I could get worms living in my belly – I thought they were just for eating in the garden! I’ll make sure to take that medicine. But I’m still not entirely convinced she was a real vet. I mean, what kind of a person would suggest that a dog, should have his teeth brushed? Surely that’s a human thing. And hear this out. She said I wasn’t used to being handled and that they should start checking my teeth, ears and paws every day to get me used to it. On our way out my humans bought a little rubber toothbrush that fits on their fingers. We’ll see how that goes. As long as I get a reward for being well behaved I guess it’s fine.
My mum told me that big city people don’t really like to speak to strangers so I didn’t really expect to meet many new human friends in London. But as far as I can tell, they all seem really nice and friendly. Almost everyone smiles and want to come over for a chat with my humans when they take me out for a walk. I of course bask in all the attention and love the cuddles, while my humans do their best to explain what kind of dog I am. It might take a little while, but soon enough they will all want an Entlebucher of their own!
And talking about new friends, some friends of my humans came to our flat earlier this week and brought lots of presents for me and they played with me for hours. I got so excited there might have been a little accident on the floor. But I think I got away with it, I’m only eight weeks old after all.


  1. Inga says

    Hi Alfie,

    looks like you've seen and done and learned a lot during this past week – especially since you're only 8 weeks old! And made a lot of progress training your humans as well!!
    You'll have another new experience soon I guess: finding out what 'winter' is, and maybe even 'snow' and 'ice'. Hope you'll like that too; it might take some getting used to, I'm afraid ….

  2. Anonymous says

    You talked about chewing, well, my M & D would put me up if I didn't mind when they said no. I would forget and they would make me get in a crate, which I really didn't mind accept I had to stop playing. We did this several times and finally I realized if I wanted to be part of things I had to quit. They would only leave me up a minute or so, but I still got the message, that when they said no, or settle, I needed to calm down. I think with their reminders and never letting me get by, I just grew out of the chewing. Now the jumping!!!!!!Well Maybe I will out grow that, but it is so hard when you are so happy about everything.

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