What’s the best tide for swimming?


Another beautiful summers day and what better way to spend it than going swimming? My humans took me to the Thames and let me off the lead in a new place, where the boats get into the water. The water looked a bit deeper than usual and I though I’d give swimming a miss for once, but then they threw in a stick and of course I had to go after it. After all, the ducks were swimming so how bad could it be? Once in the water, the ducks were swooshing past so fast I couldn’t even smell them, and still I couldn’t reach the stick as it was travelling with the tide even faster than me. Let’s just say that with the help from the tide I was paddling so fast I could probably qualify for the olympics next year. Just give me one of those aerodynamic swimming costumes with a hole for my tail so I can steer and I’ll win a couple of medals for London, no problem. And for the record – the best time to go swimming in the Thames is at low or high tide – any other time the current is too strong and possibly dangerous.



  1. Inga says

    Wow Alfie, weren’t you afraid that the tide might carry you away from the shore?! I would be!!
    Must be a great feeling though. to swim that fast!

  2. says

    I have to admit there was a moment when I thought they’d have to send the rescue boats out, but then I paddles really quick with my legs and reached the shore. I’ll wait for proper low tide next time :-)

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