The size of cows


As an Entlebucher Mountain dog I’m supposed to be prepared and ready for for cattle herding. I’ve always thought that sounded really cool, and its the kind of thing I sometimes brag about in the park to the other pups. Most of them have been bred as lapdogs, scent dogs or gun dogs and they are always suitably impressed when I say I could herd cattle if only we lived on the country side. The only problem is that noone has ever told me exactly how big cows can get!

My humans took me to the butchers yesterday and I was really quite excited about going there as I know thats where my marrow bones come from. But outside their shop was a giant cow! I am of course ready to protect my human from any danger and went about barking at the creature as loud as I could without getting too close. I tried coming at it from different angles, and was almost brave enough to go up and sniff it – but whatever I tried it didn’t move an inch.

I think I might need to practice my herding technique, or perhaps just give up my hopes on a career as a cattle herding dog altogether. Luckily, there aren’t that many cows in London to herd anyway…

Alfie Entlebucher at the butchers, scared of cow


  1. Inga says

    Hi Alfie, I just found your new blog, and am learning to find my way on it… lots more stuff there, it seems! And your posts are now organized in different categories, that’s neat!!
    At first I found it a bit hard to read this print, because it’s quite pale grey on a white page; but luckily I found out that when I click on that little RSS-feed icon, there’s a page in darker print so that’s great!
    Looking forward to hear many more stories about your life and your adventures!!

    • says

      Hi Inga – thanks for stopping by! Its the same blog but in new packaging, hopefully a bit easier to find and browse older posts now.

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