The Easter Frisbee that sank like a stone


Dog_running_Entlebucher-mountain-dogThe Easter bunny brought me a shiny and new yellow frisbee – it was so pretty and smelled wonderfully of rubber. I’ve never owned a frisbee before, but I’ve always been jealous of the humans playing with them in the park and I’ve tried to catch their frisbee a couple of times. Anyway, I unwrapped my new frisbee and we brought it to the park. One of my humans threw it for me and it flew in a beautiful arch over my head and I took off chasing it across the beach. It turns out that unless you actually catch the frisbee in the air, it is really quite difficult to pick it up unless you have hands. I nudged it with my nose and pawed it but in the end my human had to pick it up. Nevermind I thought, I’ll just practice some catching mid air, it will be fine.

Thats when disaster struck. My human through it would be easier for me to pick up the frisbee from the water as I swim quite well now and it would be easy to slide my mouth around the frisbee in the water. Just as he threw it I realised what was about to happen and I ran and swam as fast as I could to reach it in time, but it was too late. My beautiful, shiny Easter frisbee had sunk to the bottom of the lake and was nowhere to be seen. My human even took of his shoes and went looking for it but it was gone.

We walked on and returned to the lake on our way to the car, hoping that the frisbee might have magically reappeared. Of course it hadn’t but as I was chasing after some sticks in the water I stepped on something familiar – it was my frisbee! It dislodged itself from the bottom of the lake and floated right next to my nose. Then, I simply picked it up and carried it back to safety. I’m not letting it out of my sight again!

PS. Don’t forget about my photo challenge – you have until midnight Thursday to submit your photos! :-)




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