Snoopy is my buddy – but I’d kinda like to keep this toy myself #MondayMischief


Roooo when my humans told me they were going on holiday to California my first thought was to call Bella and start making plans for all sorts of mischief for while they’re away.

But then they started to pack their suitcases and my nose picked up the unmistakable smell of *new dog toy*. I snuck up on the bed and found a deliciously smelling Queen’s guard right there inside the bag, and I was just about to grab it when the human told me:

That toy is not for you Alfie – it’s a souvenir from London for your blog buddy Snoopy. We’re meeting him on our holiday remember?’

Roooooo I hadn’t realised they were going to bring him a toy! I quickly grabbed the toy and pulled out one of his little eyes, and hid it back in the suitcase giggling to myself. I was sure Snoopy won’t mind that I tried his toy a little before he gets it! He is a real cool dude who appreciates a little mischief! *waggy tail*

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  1. Inga says

    …. this is one of those times when I can’t think of anything except: “Oh Alfie….!”
    It really qualifies for ‘Mondy Mischief’ very well though!!
    And I bet Snoopy loved it nonetheless ;-)

  2. says

    Uh oh…hopefully your humans will forget about what you did by the time they return. How fun that they get to meet Snoopy, just a bummer you can’t go along. Maybe some day us dogs will be able to fly in the cabin with our humans where we belong and then we can see more of the world. Cargo is no way to fly! Hope you have some good fun while your humans are away!

  3. says

    Hey Alfie Dude!!

    Thanks so much for allowing your humans AND the guard to come and visit me – even if he just had one eye! Tee Hee – Love that you put your own personal touch on my gift!

    It was pawsome to meet your humans!

    Wait until you hear how I also personalized the guard, think I’ll save it for my next mischief post! I love my new toy!

    Thanks buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. says

    I can’t believe your folks get to meet Snoopy. They will have the most fun, now to find a way for you to sneak across…. together you two would cause SO much mischief!! BOL


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