Sharing the Most Pawsome Doggie Birthday Cake ever with my bestest Buddies


Best Barkday Party Ever

I had the most pawsome Barkday pawty ever on Monday. I had invited my bestest buddies and we all went for a long pack walk together.

I took my pack for a pawsome birthday walk...

Bella and I having the obligatory birthday mud bath!

The Doggie Birthday Cake

My human had baked a totally pawsome cake with lamb mince & cottage cheese inside. The topping was cream cheese and doggie treats. If you’d like to bake a cake for your own pooch you can find the recipe for the doggie birthday cake on Lily’s Kitchen’s website. My human says it’s a really easy recipe to follow, even she could do it *waggy tail*


Bella and Archie eyeing up my Birthday cake!


Pleeeeease gimme some cake.... I'm starving here!


That's mean - lemme have it! *Waggy tail*

Nom, nom, nom

Bella loves cake too...


My Buddy Archie forgot to chew his piece and nearly choked coz the cake was sooo good!


Hardy thought the cake was pawsome too...

That was one pawsome party – might need to snooze for the rest of the week now to digest all the cake! *Waggy tail*



  1. Inga says

    Fantastic!! What an awesome B-day celebration, and I can totally see how tempting and delicious that cake must have been!!

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