Saturday Treasure Hunts


Alfie Entlebucher Morning WalkSaturday morning walks are the best. The humans are collecting the recycling and rubbish, transforming our street to an obstacle and adventure course perfect for an inquisitive puppy like myself.

This is how it all works. The humans from the council know that I’m taking my morning walk around 8AM so they are off to an early start. They carry all the orange bags onto the street and then they come around in their truck to collect the rubbish from the black bins. They drop lots of exciting things like chicken bones, toilet paper and beer bottles on the sidewalk, and the orange bags are like made for barking at. Sometimes they pile them up so high that you can’t see what’s behind them – and you have to run over and sniff all the way around. I think they sometimes drops stuff just because they know I like to find it.
My humans think the treasure hunt is as exciting as I do, but they are not as good at it as I am. They often get jealous and try and take my finds from my mouth. Who would have thought they would want used toilet paper and half eaten burgers? I will never learn what makes humans tick but at least we’re having a good time together and luckily they don’t see everything I pick up in my mouth…


  1. Inga says

    Sounds like you're all having a really good time!
    And from the looks of, nice weather as well?!
    All we have is lots of wind and rain…

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